10 proven tips to get more orgasms during sex

Orgasms! Everyone talks about them and how intense they can be when you have them. Have you ever wondered why some people find it easier to reach orgasm almost every time and some women struggle with having an orgasm. There are certain factors that can dampen your groove and make reaching orgasm much more difficult than it should be.

Some of the popular factors that hinder orgasms can be lack of arousal, an inexperienced partner and a person feeling out of their body during sex. Despite all of this, getting an orgasm during sex is still obtainable, it all depends on your approach of sex.

Want to have better sex?

Here are 10 tips to try out to increase your chances of having an intense orgasm every time

  1. Stimulate your brain

Your brain plays an important role in getting your body worked and ready for sex. It is the epicenter of sexual desire and is often stimulated by your thoughts. Your thoughts play an important role in your orgasms. For an intense pleasurable experience allow your mind wander into fantasy without any shame or guilt. Shame and guilt can stop you from enjoying sex and impair your pleasurable.

Don’t be ashamed of using your imagination to create whatever scenario works for you. Pleasure begins in the mind, don’t be scared to explore.

2. Stay in the present

The mind has the ability to wander and if you find yourself getting distracted during sex then you should stop.

You don’t expect yourself to enjoy the best of pleasure when your thoughts are filled with the last words your boss said to you, or the item on your shopping list you forgot to buy. If this sounds like you then the chances of having the orgasm you dream of is quite impossible.

Or do you find yourself trying hard to tuck your belly in bed or maybe you are wondering if your partner finds you attractive which makes you extra conscious about your body. If you find yourself always drifting during sex then your journey to getting the orgasm you want may be longer than expected.

Get out of your head and avoid thoughts that distract you from what’s happening at the moment. If you find yourself drifting, take a deep breath and direct your thought to the present.

3. Incorporate Kegel exercises into your routine

Performing kegel exercises can heighten sexual pleasure, improve increase blood circulation to the vagina and increase pleasurable sensations. A strong pelvic floor increases sexual arousal and intensifies the big O.

A regular Kegel routine will have a big impact on your sex life and increase your chances of better orgasm. Kegel exercises can be performed with and without any equipment. But for a more effective approach, include pelvic balls during your workout. I highly recommend the 3 Pcs Yoni Weight set which contains three balls in a set to guide you through your Kegel exercises for a firmer pelvic floor..


4. Include more foreplay

Unlike men, the female body takes extra time to get revved up for sex and there is nothing wrong with that.Invest in more foreplay. Have your partner slowly and gently explore different paths of your body other than your hot spots. Discover new erogenous zones and explore old ones. Foreplay doesn’t only put you in the mood, its the sex side dish before the main dish .

5. Turn on your batteries

Couples who use sex toys in the bedroom swear that they get better sexual satisfaction. According to a survey of 1656 women conducted by the Berman Women’s Wellness Center women who use vibrators say they have an easier time reaching orgasm during (vibrator-free) sex with a partner. Most women find out that as they age they need sex toys more due to a loss of lose sensation as a result of decline in hormone levels.

There are now so many toys for couples to try out to improve their sex life. One of my favorite is the lipstick vibrator that looks discreet enough to be taken into a boardroom and bedroom.  Get your action and groove on in the bedroom.

6. Understand your sexual accelerators

There is no one that has a better understanding of yourself more than you do. For a more intense sexual experience, take the time to discover your sexual accelerators so you can easily trigger it when you want.

Sexual accelerators are those things that improve desire for sex. Just like accelerators there are also brakes. Brakes are those things that hinder the desire for sex.  Understanding your brakes and accelerators is an excellent tool couples with mismatched libidos can use in finding a common ground. Understanding the things that turn you on can help you have a pleasurable sex experience, know your body and teach your partner how to pleasure you.


7. Try aphrodisiacs

You can never go wrong with sex stimulants. Aphrodisiacs heighten pleasure and get you in the mood for sex. The yoni revive increases circulation of blood flow to the vagina which keeps  it aroused and ready for sex. Sex is pleasurable when the sex organs are ready for it. So sip some tonic and allow yourself enjoy the pleasure you deserve.


8. Get in touch with your body

No one can understand your body better than you. And the key to having guaranteed orgasms is knowing what works for your body and finding ways to explore it. Some women see orgasms as something controlled by fate and take it as it comes because they have never understood what excites them sexually.

When you are having sex, either solo or with a partner pay attention to the kind of touch that gives you the most pleasure. Explore your erogenous zones, show and tell your partner what you like and do not like. Be mindful of the things that bring you sexual pleasure and hold on to it.

9. Try edging

I know the point is having orgasms but instead of speeding towards the orgasm finish line, build your way to the brink of more powerful orgasms. Edging is about delaying your orgasm when you feel it coming and starting all over to take yourself to the point of climax again. This encourages stronger and intense orgasms.


10. Try a different position

Switch up the routine. Women differ as to their preferred method of stimulation. 75% of women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm and for some others g-spot works for them. So find a position in which you can stimulate them better for pleasure.

One position to try out is the woman on top position which allows you to control the depth of thrusting and pleasure the clitoris at the same time. The doggy position is also another amazing sex position to try out. Whatever position you choose, keep experimenting to figure what works best for you and your partner.

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