10 tips to help you ride a dick like a pro

You want to learn how to ride a dick? Welcome, you are in the right place. Most women do not know what to do with the penis in the cowgirl position or how to stay in the cowgirl position without getting tired immediately.

The girl on top is one of the most amazing but underrated sex position for women. This is largely due to the fact that most women do not know how to ride a dick without getting tired on top. Many women shy away from this position thinking they would never have to do this, but there is no fun if you are not ready to experiment. Plus the cowgirl position is an enjoyable position for women. You can stimulate the clit, g-spot and all other zones at the same time.

Sex should not be monotonous, it’s about exploring, trying out new sex positions and adding a bit of spice. And what better way to break monotony than with the cowgirl position.  It’s a good time to be in total control of the thrusts and movement of your partner while getting pleasure at the same time.

If you are new to the cowgirl position, or want to brush up your riding skills, you are in the right place. Let me show you how to ride a dick like a pro.

10 tips to help you ride dick like a pro

Get in the right position

The wrong position will have you panting after a very short ride and make it uncomfortable for your man.  When the dick is hard, the penis is not flexible and sitting on it wrongly can cause strain and pain for your partner. To get in the right position, first get lubed up. Begin by kneeling over your partner and gently lower yourself down. Find a natural angle that works well for both you and your partner and adjust your pelvis to a comfortable position for the both of you.  Another way is by squatting with your feet flat, although this may need more balance. Remember that in the girl on top position, you do not need to move all parts of our body, focus on the hip movement and bounce.

Play with yourself

Being on top doesn’t mean you should ignore your pleasure. In the cowgirl position there is room to pay with your clitoris while bouncing or grinding. This is a good position to introduce love toys. Place a bullet vibrator or clitoral suction toy on the clitoris while you ride the dick.

Have him meet you halfway

It doesn’t matter if you a PRO, the cowgirl position can take a lot of energy from bouncing. To reduce this tiring bounce, have your partner meet you halfway. Elevate his body using pillows to bring him closer to you. This way there is less up and down movement required and lesser thigh pain. Now you can enjoy the ride better and last longer.

Start slow and pace the movement

Make it slow but passionate your man will enjoy it. So while you ride him, run your hands on his body, lie on his chest, kiss him, maintain eye contact and move slowly but gently. Eye contact is sexy; you can get feedback on the movement from the way he looks at you as you move.

Beginning at a certain pace will make you get used to what you are doing and as your body eases into it, change your pace. You won’t wear out early this way.

Arouse him with words

He enjoys the thrill of being inside you but give him more action. Get creative with your words; talk dirty. The dirtier you talk, the hotter the sex gets. Paint pictures with your words; tell him how much you like feeling him inside of you. Sweat the detail, that’s where the fun is. Don’t be shy, ask him to rate your riding skills and how good you are with words. This will make the session way intense for the both of you.

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Move your hips in a circle

The in and out position is great and pleasurable for men but it can get tiring and boring after a while. Circle your hips round and round. Imagine his penis is a tool you are trying to feel everywhere inside you. Grind on him and use the circular motions with your hips.

One way you can remember this is by trying to spell coconut with your hips. Move your hips to each alphabet you are trying to spell. This movement allows for deeper thrusts your man will enjoy and the grinding will create friction on the clitoris that is pleasurable for you too.  You can also use the M and W hip movement while you grind. Do not move fast while doing any of these so you do not hurt your partner. Use slow strokes instead.

Switch between cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

If facing your partner gets bland, back your partner instead. The reverse cowgirl position is very sexy too. It allows your partner have a view of your booty while you twerk on the penis. Plus the reverse cowgirl can improve stamina and give you the chance to use different parts of your leg, thus lesser a pan on the thighs.

Hold on to something

The cowgirl position is a workout and your knees may not hold on forever. Depending on your position on the penis, put some pressure on the bed in front of you, your partner’s thighs, the bed rest or any prop around to alleviate thigh pain. To ride a dick like a pro, you need to get the angles right.

Play with his balls and around his thighs.

Your partner would love this. Play with his balls as you ride, it will drive him crazy, make him wild and more inclined to return the favour by thrusting from his position. Use a clit suction toy to create a suction and air feeling close to the thighs and balls. Or have him use it on your breasts or clit.

 It is not a competition

Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up in your head. You are not racing towards a prize, sex is for your own enjoyment. Have fun with it and try to think less about anything. And if you want to practice how to ride a dick like a pro, get a dildo. Preferably one with a suction base that you stick to a surface and enjoy.

You have the 10 ways to help you ride a dick like a pro. Practice by yourself using a suction base dildo or with your partner. But, make sure to practice tap into the PRO mode.

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