10 unbelievable causes of recurrent yeast infections

Recurrent yeast infections are the worst especially when you feel like you have been doing everything right. Then out of nowhere you start experiencing the worst burning from your vagina, frequent itching and a thick white odorless discharge. Your infection just made a come back like your period. Although at this point you would choose having period cramps than having to deal with this.

Moreover, if you have yeast infections so often you probably know the drill. You hurry to your local pharmacy to get a dose of the drug you used in treating your previous infection. If you mix it with some anti fungal cream then you are sure your symptoms will disappear faster.  Looped in the same cycle over and over again

But, just because you have accepted this as the norm doesn’t mean it has to be so. There are certain things that disrupt the PH level of your vagina, and keeps causing a yeast infection.

If your yeast infection keeps reoccurring, here are 10 things to check

  1. Stop using scented products for your vagina

Certain products like soap or detergent can cause a yeast infection by disrupting the natural pH level of the vagina. In the same vein, if you douche you may need to stop that for a while. Stop trying to clean inside your vagina with products that disrupt the pH balance. Clean your vagina with water and when you wipe, do that from front to back.


2. Intake of antibiotics

If you are one of those people who feel that antibiotics is the solution to every problem then you have to take it easy. Too much of antibiotics disrupts the natural pH balance of the vagina. Antibiotics do not only kill the bad bacteria, even the good ones are not left behind. So remember this the next time you swear by it.


3. Your vagina doesn’t breathe

How do you feel when you wear a face mask for a long time and then take it off?  Just imagine your vagina always masked and not being able to breathe. Yeast infections thrive in humid environment especially when your panties feel damp. Give your vagina the room to breathe. Go commando at night to promote airflow in that region.. Check out amazing health benefits of sleeping naked

4. Weakened immune system

The immune system is the shield that protects the body from harmful pathogens and disease. When your immune system is weak, your body becomes weak and more susceptible to bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Your recurrent yeast infection is may be as a result of your immune system.

5. Hormonal birth control

Birth control pills that contain a high level of estrogen  can increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections. Excess estrogen can promote higher levels of glycogen in the vagina.  Glycogen is a stored in form of glucose or sugar. Yeast is attracted to sugar which also increases the risk of an infection. This is why most diabetes patients are at risk of recurrent yeast infections.

6. Your underwear does not allow you breathe

When choosing your day to day underwear , go for breathable fabrics like cotton. The fabric allows excessive moisture to escape from those damp areas of the body rather than stay trapped and moist.


7. Your feminine hygiene

Change your pads, tampons and panty liners often during your cycle. Wearing moist sanitary products for a long time can irritate the vagina increasing the risks of yeast infections.

8. Yours is caused by a different fungus

Sometimes not every yeast infection is caused by the candida albicans. If it keeps reoccurring, then maybe your yeast infection is caused by a different type of fungus.  To find out which, have your doctor take a sample of your vaginal fluid to figure out the fungus responsible for the infection and treat accordingly.

9. Stop staying for long in your gym clothes

I know you want to take some really pretty cool pictures or keep checking your butt in a favourite legging after a workout but staying in a damp outfit for long isn’t healthy for your vagina pH level. The reason being that bacterias thrive in damp places. Change out of your gym wear or swimsuit after it gets damp. Don’t give the bacteria a breeding ground.

10. Your lubricant may be a factor

Glycerin based lubricants can feed the yeast present in the vagina. So choose natural plant or water based lubes. Be careful of what you insert inside your vagina, if you use sex toys remember to clean them before and after use.

A healthy vagina is a must. Visit the store; for products to improve your sex life.

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