Let’s talk about foreplay shall we? It is amazing that couples don’t even talk about this little but yet very important and sensitive topic which has very strong effects in relationships. Now this topic is not just centered on women alone but also affects men too.

Almost every time we are about to get intimate with our partners, we assume we know what they like or what turns them on. Majority of us are even guilty of using the same techniques we used with our ex to please our present partner this is SO WRONG!

Just as the relationship is different, the sex is going to be different as well as the foreplay. You can’t use the same techniques you used on partner A for partner B or C, it won’t work. Although some of you might be lucky it could work, others… you will just get frustrated.

The first thing you need to know is that response you get out of foreplay differs from person to person just as each person has their own way of responding to sensations or stimulus that travels their body. What you want to do is to find, strike the chord that triggers your partner and send them to the seventh heaven.

During foreplay:

Girls don’t like you scratching their clit like scratch cards.

It hurts.Maybe she hasn’t told you this before but it does hurt. Except she probably enjoys pain. Instead massage her clit or gently tap it with your fingers while kissing her lips, her nipples, or neck. You’d be surprised at the river of juicy cum flowing your way pretty soon.

Guys do not like getting their dick scratched with your teeth

Concentrate on creating a tight suction around the penis as  you take him in and out of your mouth. Also try deep throating.  The best way  to please your partner is to enjoy yourself as you give him a blowjob. It’s a major turn on for you and your  partner.

Spend more time on the nipples:

Play with it, suck it, tease it with your tongue..but please do not squeeze our breast like you are trying to squeeze life out of an orange. It hurts!

Bite gently

If you are the type that loves biting your partner during foreplay be gentle about it. Don’t bite like you want to rip their skin off. Be soft yet kinky

Sloppy is not always kinky

If you enjoy licking your partner’s ears, try to make it fun and less sloppy as possible. Don’t to fill up the ears with saliva. If you are going to ask your partner to lick your ears, please ensure you ears are clean before making such request. Wax is not cute.

Clean up if you want them to clean up 

Simple water will do the trick. Just water. Nobody wants the taste of your urine in their mouth or get hair in their teeth.

Bottom line communicate with your partner. Know their likes and dislike when it comes to foreplay. Know what they are comfortable with and what turns them on or off during foreplay. Don’t just assume.

Remember: Be sure to maintain a good hygiene before foreplay.

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