Did you know that Watermelon had powerful aphrodisiac properties? I bet you didn’t, but guess what it does. After reading this article, you would never view these common juicy fruit the same way again. Aphrodisiacs are substance that increases sexual desire or libido.

This juicy red fruits are the new sexual star and king of aphrodisiac fruits. Here is why:

  • It relaxes the blood vessels; containing ninety two percent water, the remaining eight percent contains nutrient which relaxes your blood vessels and allows your blood flow freely transporting those sex hormones and happy hormones that puts you in a “feel good mood”.
  • It has Viagra like effects; it has the ability to trigger a sexual response that can increase libido and increase sexual desires in men.
  • It is a natural solution for erectile dysfunction and impotence; for men suffering from impotency or other forms of erectile dysfunction, the healthy benefits of watermelon could provide a more natural solution to treat their condition and also prevent it.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue; Citrulline found in watermelon has the ability to enhance athletic performance and reduce muscle fatigue. It’s a less stodgy dessert to keep you alert all evening.
  • Watermelon is sexy; even in the manner in which the fruit is eaten. It is a fruit for which is not only accepted, it is expected that seeds will be expelled from the mouth through puckered lips.

These common sexy, juicy valentine pink colored fruit can be enjoyed in multiple ways. You could enjoy it raw as a midday snack probably refrigerated. Or blended as an aphrodisiac smoothie or sorbet. Or diced and mixed with your favorite fruits and served as a fruit salad. There are so many ways to enjoy these powerful aphrodisiac. So why don’t you eat something sexy today.

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