Apart from being men’s second favorite sex position (number one being the doggy position).  The cowgirl position provides great sensation for women. This position guarantees you an opportunity at getting an orgasm. I like this position best because it the woman is in control. You control the pace and rate of penetration. And did I mention that it could pass for a legitimate full cardio workout.

So here are some basic tips to help you own the cow girl position.

  • Control the pace:

The cowgirl position could be very exhausting if you keep bouncing up and down at rapid and uncontrollable speed. You can slow down the pace and grind your partner’s penis or pelvis.

  • Play with yourself:

Men find it sexy when you give them something to watch. So you can bite your lips, play with your nipples or your clit. You could bring in a dildo and use it on you. Probably use it to massage your clit or have him use it on you. This is good to get him involved.

  • Tilt your pelvis:

By angling you pelvis backwards, you can move him around inside you and stimulate your G-spot as you give him a great view. You could use the pillow for some extra lift.  Your partner still gets the full range of motion, but you don’t have to bounce as high.

  • Use your forearm for Balance:

While bouncing your lower half, lean forward and place your forearm on either side of your partner’s head. This gives your partner a full view of your tits bouncing. This is an instant turn on for your partner. You could even kiss while riding.

  • Legs straight:

Have him sit up and keep both legs out straight while you do the same and hold each other close. This is a great position to get him deep inside you and build a great rhythm together.

  • Squat:

Instead of straddling his hips with your thighs, squat with your feet on either side of his hips. This lets you have better control of your motion and also frees your hips for easier movement.

Give these tips a try, and you will be the master cowgirl.

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