I don’t know what to do, maybe I should just call Chris and apologize. I mean it’s horrible catching your girlfriend naked at the supermarket store with your homeboy. But let’s face it, he cheated first. He cheated on me with Mya, and Mya was like a sister to me. I am so confused.

Today was a mixture of good, bad and ugly. Good in the sense that I and Victor, Chris’ best friend or homeboy, whichever one you choose to call it, finally gave in to our feelings and got down on each other, at the supermarket store where I work. Bad in the sense that, I was cheating on my boyfriend with his best friend. Ugly in the sense that my boyfriend caught us in the act and there was no excuse.

I kicked up dirt as I walked my way back to my apartment, replaying the scene from today’s hap.  I won’t deny the smile that has built up on my face. You might even catch me biting my lip, but that’s because sex with Victor was so good. Sex today with Victor was the best I’ve had in months. The truth is that Chris and I had lost touch after I caught him cheating on me with Mya.

I could feel my face turn bright pink, when I reminisced the way he winked and signaled at me to meet him back at the store.

My tummy tingled, in memory of the way he grabbed me, and kissed my neck from behind, and the way his hands traveled down to my shorts. I could still feel the texture of his hair, as I ran my hands through them. And when I remembered the way he removed my short and pantie to run his tongue through my ladybits, I was completely short of breath.

As I continued strolling past the blocks that leads to my apartment, I realized my movement was not coordinated. I might as well go into the café, have a sit, and probably order a soda, while I enjoy the memory of today’s event. Which is exactly what I did.

I intentionally choose a table at the far end corner of the café, were I wouldn’t be disturbed, and could enjoy my thoughts in solitude. I closed my eyes and continued my memory from how Victor ran his tongue through my ladybits, soaking up my honey flow. The warmth from my memory could easily be felt. I had no idea when my hand travelled down my short, into my pantie. It’s a good thing I choose this table, I said to myself.

My fingers started to tap my clitoris, and I imagined they were Victor’s tongue, Even though the AC in the café was functioning properly, I could still feel myself sweating. I spread out my legs even further, to give my fingers full access to my clits. I increased the rhythm at which my fingers tapped, and I also flicked my fingers at my clit, to build up an extreme pleasure. I fought to keep my moans as quite as possible, not to call the attention of the people around me. I must be mad and confused to even masturbate in a public place. But it wasn’t my fault, it was Victor’s as well as Chris.

My thoughts moved to when he stood up to kiss me. I enjoyed the taste of my cum and his saliva. They were just perfect for me. I remembered him whispering, “No time for long foreplays baby.” I didn’t even realize he had already brought out his dick.

With my back to the wall, he lifted me up and slid inside my already wet pussy. His strokes were smooth and steady, and my fingers did a pretty good job imitating those strokes. I remembered the way he hurriedly removed my top and bra, and shoved my breast in his mouth. I’ve completely forgotten where I was, and I moved my free hand under my top, shifted my bra, to play and pinch my breast.

I viciously increased the rhythm and strokes of my fingers in my vagina. Biting my lip to prevent me from moaning loudly. Soon I felt the muscles of my body twitch. I knew that was an orgasm, but it was nothing compared to what Victor gave me earlier today.

My libido wasn’t satisfied and I wanted more. And as if today was replaying itself, the waitress came to disturb my thoughts when she brought me the menu book. I quickly put myself together hastily and confused, the same way I did when Chris had bust into the store, and caught Victor and I red-handed.

When I finally found my voice, I told her I would call her when I was ready to order. But the truth was, the café doesn’t offer what I needed at that point, and that is hot steamy sex. I had only two options. Either forget my relationship with Chris completely and go to Victor for another round of sex, or revive what I have with Chris and have a hot make up sex.

What do I do? I am so confused.

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  • DL
    Posted at 10:54h, 22 August Reply

    Go to Victor for round two, Chris can enter the ocean for all I care.

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