stretch marks


You don’t have to love your stretch marks, but you should be confident and comfortable in your own skin. Do not allow your stretch marks affect your sexuality negatively. Your confidence is what makes you sexy. Don’t ever see your stretch marks as a deal breaker, because lack of self-confidence is actually the deal breaker.

Stretch marks are just road scars of life. They are signs that a woman has fulfilled or is fulfilling her biological functions, a sign of womanhood. To me, stretch marks are sexy. They are your tattoo photo album of your life journey. Never be ashamed of them. It’s a bit of personal color that shows off a little of your history.

They really are not big deals to me, however if it bothers you, you should do something about them for yourself. In my opinion, if any potential partner says anything negative about you stretch marks, then he is not worthwhile. Maybe you should consider upping your caliber of men. Men have stretch marks too. There are a lot of potential partners who are not going to be negative about something as trivial in the overall scheme of things as stretch marks. But if it really does bother you, change it, but don’t change for anyone else but yourself.

There are things you could do or wear to minimize their appearance. But it should something you use because you want to feel sexy or improve your look. Not because it is a necessity that you would feel hideous without. If it makes you feel any better, you could name your marks, for example: tiger strips, sexy strips, my body map, nature’s tattoo, lighting strips etc.

Your marks are stories you have created. Nature’s map of your life, so own it. There are not to be ashamed of.

Love Yourself. Love Your Body. Love Your Skin. Love Your Color. Love Your Melanin.

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