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Introduction to the PC muscle

This is not an anatomy class, but a form of awareness, to get you familiar with the muscle that plays an important role to your orgasm. Muscles make sex happen. Muscles open doors of sensuality and feeling, and when it comes to orgasm, the PUBOCOCCYGEAL or PC MUSCLE is crucial.


Ladies may I introduce the PUBOCOCCYGEAL muscle or simply call it the PC muscle. While some of you are already aware of the existence of the PC muscle, I also know that for the majority of you this is new territory. If you are reading about the PC here for the first time, know that this is perfectly okay. There is certainly no reason for you to feel out of the loop or out of touch with your body. It won’t take long to get acquainted.

A toned PC muscle has many benefits to women. It allows for better childbirth experience, quicker return of muscle tone after childbirth, and prevention and cure of incontinence. In women, the PC muscle spasms during orgasm and gives the vagina a feeling of tightness. Men have a PC muscle too, by the way, which spasms when ejaculation occurs. Toning the PC muscle on a daily basis makes arousal, penetration, and orgasm more sexually intense because such strengthening tightens your vagina and builds muscle mass. Just stimulating the PC muscle can produce orgasm. Toning the PC muscle also overcomes a difficulty many women have, like, that of having an orgasm when there is a penis or some other object in their vagina.


This exercise is to help you get comfortable and familiar with your body. Especially for women who are dealing  vaginismus. It is a medically sound and safe way of exploring your natural self in a straightforward way. You can start with  the sensate focus caress and belly breathe to help you get comfortable.

  • What you would need for this exercise:

You will need a quiet room, preferably one that is free of distractions like ringing cellphones. You will also need to have clean hands, and keep a clean towel handy.

  • Locating your PC muscle:

pc muscle

Start by placing one of your fingers about one inch, up to the first knuckle, into the vagina. Internally, you should feel a drawing together, or a drawing upward in your vaginal and pelvic area. Squeeze as if you were stopping the flow of urine. The muscle that tightens around your finger as you do this is the PC muscle.

Don’t move another muscle. Don’t confuse things by squeezing your tummy, or your buttocks, or your thighs. Just feel this one muscle. It may not feel very strong at this point; it may barely feel like a muscle. But this is the one. and it’s the one that counts.

If you are having trouble isolating this muscle, try consciously relaxing any surrounding muscles that may be confusing the picture for you. In other words, purposefully relax your stomach muscles. Purposefully relax your thighs and your buttocks.

Now, once again, squeeze the muscle that you would squeeze to stop the flow of urine. You should feel it more clearly now. I want you to squeeze again but before you do, check to see your breathing is not short and choppy from any anxiety you may have from doing this exercise. Because this exercise is connected with the sensual process of feminine excitement and orgasm you may need to take a few extra moments to relax right now. Belly breathe if you like.

When you have settled and are breathing easily again, continue with the PC exercise. Flex the PC muscle again and make sure to keep your stomach, buttocks, thighs, and abdominal muscles relaxed as you do so.

Now that you know where the PC muscle is and what tightening it feels like, I want you to flex and relax the PC without using your finger to help. When you flex, hold it for two seconds before you release.

Continue to breathe slowly and evenly the whole time, and use the belly breath if you need it. If you are still having difficulty isolating the PC muscle from other pelvic muscles, continue to use your finger as an aid.

I encourage you to continue doing these exercise every day (three times a day would be best), not only for the sake of your sex life, but also for your entire spectrum of health and well-being. The great thing about these exercise is that you can do them in the shower, on the bus, in the car, while you are watching television, just about any time.

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