Coffee, whiskey, or a good wine, preferably white wine, and I’m good to go. But, I’m not talking about wine. I want to talk about coffee. I don’t mean coffee the drink. I want to talk about my favorite song, Coffee by American singer Miguel featuring vocals from fellow American rapper Wale. “Coffee” was officially released as the first single from Wildheart on May 3rd 2015.

Now you might be asking why I love this song:

Firstly; the lyrics just make you want to fall in love. It’s full of meaning.

“I wish I could paint our love, these moments in vibrant hues, wordplay turns into gun play, and gun play turns into pillow talk, and pillow talk turns into sweet dreams, sweet dreams turns into coffee in the morning”

You can just feel the way he connects with his lover and it’s so beautiful.

Secondly; his voice is SEXY. I mean it’s literally screaming sex, sex, sex!!! The way his voice blends with background beats, and the lyrics, it’s soothing. It could easily pass for the most erotic voice I’ve ever heard.

Thirdly: The background beat is mellow. It has the ability to relax your nerve and also get you high. It’s one of those songs you can enjoy listening, to while your speaker blast in its highest volume, without fear of getting headache.

The highlights of the song for me starts from the beginning of the song to the end. The chorus is awesome, the verses are splendid. Every thing about this song to me is amazing.

I’m my opinion, it seemed like Miguel just made sweet, great, passionate love when he composed this beautiful masterpiece. Believe me this song is perfect for foreplay. To set the mood for passion.

I recommend you enjoy this song with your favorite wine, whiskey, or probably coffee, on a cool, good night. But make sure partner is nearby.

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