The same reasons you would want your woman to moan during sex, is the same reasons she would want you to do the same. Nobody enjoys sex with an inactive partner. Your participation and involvement during sex, is what makes the activity pleasurable.

Your participation includes: your eye contact, body language, body movement, and also your sound tracks (moans). Moaning during sex isn’t just for the sake of your partner, it is also for your sake. Don’t make sex boring, by making it quite. Even if your partner is screaming at the top of her lungs, it wouldn’t be bad to hear a moan, grunt, or roar from you.

Listed below are some basic reasons why you should moan during sex.

  • Moaning makes the sex better.MOAN

Like I said before, your participation and involvement during sex, is what makes the activity pleasurable. The same way you don’t want your woman to just lie on her back while you do all the work during sex, is the same way she doesn’t want to have a boring, one-sided sex, where she is the only one producing the sound tracks.

  • It’s a great feedback during sex.

Guys, you are not the only one who wants to know how well you are performing. The ladies also want to get feedback, and moaning is a great feedback. It helps your partner know that she is doing a great job. A moan is the best and most accurate form of communication during sex. Moans help your partner know what moves are hitting your pleasure spot.

  • It fuels her enthusiasm.

For women who are shy, or haven’t mastered their partner’s body, moaning can be a ray of light through the darkness. Moaning during the act can deal with all the awkwardness, shyness, and anxiety that may come with sex. Especially if it’s her first time. Moaning helps to ease off the tension, and create a relaxed pleasurable environment.

  • It boost her performance.

We have already established the fact that moaning during sex is the best and most accurate form of communication. We’ve already said, that moans helps your partner know what moves are hitting your pleasure spot. Moans also boost your partner’s performance. How? With your moans, she know how to pleasure you more, she knows how to move her body in such a way that your desires are fulfilled. Some men believe that moaning during sex, is solely for women, but that’s to their detriment. Because a moan might only be a step away from letting you experience the most fulfilling and orgasmic sex you might ever have.

  • Your chances of getting more than just penetrative sex are high:

It’s logical that a woman would want to go an extra mile to please her man if she know he has enjoyed sex with her. And the easiest way to find out if she has done well, is if you don’t carry out the task quietly. A moan might actually do you more good than it will do your partner. Moaning during sex will motivate your partner to do more for you as a sign of appreciation. These gifts of appreciation might be a blowjob, lap dance, preparing your favorite meal and so on.

You can grunt, groan, roar, and moan, as long as they are from pleasure. There is nothing more sexier to your woman than hearing you moan because of her.

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