I believe it’s time to let the cat out of the bag, and even though some people might think this is inappropriate, I’m going to admit my super, bodacious crush on Wale Ojo. Every time I see him on my TV screen, I’m always wondering, where did all this luscious goodness come from?

WALE OJOWale Ojo has been on the big screen since 1989, but came into prominence in 1995 for his role in the “Hard Case”. This talented, handsome actor isn’t just a Nigerian actor but also an international actor. He has featured more in foreign movies, this is why many Nigerians do not know that he has been acting for up to four decades.

WALE OJOI didn’t call Wale Ojo my crush just because of his works. Wale Ojo is one of the most naturally handsome man I’ve ever seen. I say this because you can easily see his genuine looks away from the cameras, and photo effects. Wale is naturally handsome, and he knows it too. He also has an enchanting smile to complement his charm. He also has an agreeable sense fashion, so with him, there is no need to call the fashion police.

wale ojo

Ojo is the pioneer and founder of the New Nigeria Cinema whose aim is to improve the quality of Nigerian films. He runs a yearly festival titled New Nigeria Cinema day at the British Film institute in London. He is also the founder of VIRGO FOUNDATION, which is about, promoting African Arts and Culture.

wale ojo


Some of his works includes: The CEO, Half Of A Yellow Sun, Happy Father’s Day, Fifty.

Being an international actor, he has featured in so many award winning movies, including “Johnny English Reborn as President Chambal”.

Wale Ojo won 2012 Nigerian Entertainment Awards Best Actor “Phone Swap”.

He was also nominated for 2012 AMAA Best Actor In Leading Role “Phone Swap”.

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