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Dear Mahogany, do I need to tell him I have Herpes?

I fell ill some week ago, I thought it was malaria, but noticed I was having blisters around my mouth. I went to the hospital and the doctor carried out some test and the result showed that I had Herpes. It’s not like I’m happy, because this disease has no cure, I’m just glad it’s not like HIV which kills.

My issue now is should I tell my partner? I am very sure I contacted the disease from him, because I don’t cheat. And thinking about it, I remembered I’ve noticed some blisters on his body during sexual activities which I ignored. But now I have the disease and I am certain I got it from him. The disease doesn’t kill. So is it a must I tell him I have Herpes?

Clara 36.

Dear Clara.

You will have  to tell your partner about your condition. Not only to clear the air, but also because you both need to get treated, and get medical advice on how to carry on with your relationship and sex lives. Issues like  this need to be dealt with in honesty. You cannot know for certain if your partner also has the disease without him getting tested at the hospital.

Please do the right thing. You can also read about herpes and how to manage it here.




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