If chocolates were men, I’m sure they would look like Donnell Blaylock Jr. also known as Donny Savage. This sexy, hot chocolate, melanin goodness Donnell Blaylock or Donny Savage as some know him, broke the internet on September 26, 2015, after a video of him eating a chocolate bar, went viral. He is an embodiment of a melanin god.Donny SavageBlaylock is a real eye candy , with the perfect bod and physique that could make any woman drool, complimented by the most seductive smile. His even skin tone, dripping with melanin and decorated with bold tattoos, you just want to taste to hot chocolate. His facial hair and full eyebrows give him a stern, matured look that sends shivers down your spine. He doesn’t have pink lips, but I’m sure he knows how to alluringly use his lips. Neat haircut with spotting wave, broad shoulders, full chest, six packs……what else could a girl ask for, I could go on and on about this Black Zeus.

donny savageThis Michigan chocolate sensation, was a formerly a foot locker salesman, before he became a real estate agent and part-time fashion model. The video “Is this too much chocolate ladies?” was created to boost his career in modelling. The video didn’t only boost his career in modelling, but also in real estate. Blaylock has received a lot of referrals all over USA, referring him as their real estate broker, even though he is a rookie in real estate. Becoming a real estate investor was Blaylock’s first passion, but it seems like modelling is about to take over.donny savageBlaylock is a gym fanatic, his workouts are usually about 4 or 5 times a week. In his opinion, “fitness is like the greatest therapy there is.” He is infatuated with cars, i “I could be in a deep conversation with someone and a car that I like drives by and I just blank out.” He has a celebrity crush on Paula Patton.

 Below are some of Blaylock’s teasers:



We really can’t get enough of you Donnell Blaylock.













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