Dear Mahogany, I am no longer sexually attracted to my husband 

I feel this is the end of my marriage because I am no longer sexually attracted to my husband. I don’t know this happened and I can’t even explain it. Every sight of him disgust me, I can’t bear to have him touch me. I have moved out of our bedroom because I can no longer bear s to share the same bed with him.

If you ask me if my husband offended me in anyway, the answer is NO. My husband has been nothing but sweet to me ever since we got married two year ago. The attraction was intense and sex with him was perfect. There were days we made love, and there days it was just raw, undiluted spontaneous sex. But know I don’t want him anymore, and I really don’t know why. Please help me because I do not want to hurt the man that has been nothing but good to me ever since we got married.

I am eagerly awaiting your advice.

Ella 30.

Dear Ella,

Thanks for reaching out. It’s normal for couples to build up a kind of resistance to each other during the course of their relationship, and for you, it probably came early. Although you didn’t say how long you two where together before saying the “I dos”.

It would be preferable that you take time off for yourself. You probably need time out for yourself, just to get yourself together. Next you really need to communicate with your husband, you have to open up on how you are feeling right now, but make sure you do so in a comprehensive yet polite way.

Next, when you begin to start feeling comfortable again, you and your husband should get away from your comfort zone. Go for adventures, explore new places, you could organize weekend getaway with other couple friends. You and your spouse should also try new sex tips ad try to live each other’s fantasies.

I really won’t want you to beat yourself up if this doesn’t work out. This could go in different ways, but at least you can say you have tried and you have been honest.



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