Somehow, a lot of readers will feel this topic is related to women, to protect them, but it also for men. Casual sex could take a huge turn once emotions sets in. Anyone could easily get hurt once getting emotionally attached to a partner who is only interested in casual sex. First of all before getting into a relationship with no strings attached, both parties must have mutually agreed to a no strings attached sexual relationship.

So here are some tips for casual sex with no strings attached.

  1. Do Not Cuddle:

Cuddling is the beginning of emotional attachment. Cuddling is romantic and can cause unwanted mushiness. Instead just assume the weather is too hot for extra body heat.

  1. Don’t Go On Dates:

No movies, catching up for lunch and other romantic activities. Going on dates will only make you realize how sweet and nice they could be outside the bedroom. If you do have a date, make sure you end it by doing something sexual, e.g. SEX. That way you are reminded that your relationship is just a booty call and nothing else.

  1. Do Not Have Just One Partner:

In relationships like this, it’s kind of advisable to have more than one partners. This way, you don’t get so attached, but it has to be mutually agreed. It also cancels the feeling of owning each other anything or any form of commitment.

  1. Use A Condom:

If you are going to have multiple sex partners, then you must ALWAYS use a condom. Do not trust anybody who is not steadily committed to you. If you guys for any reason want to go raw, make sure you run regular medical checkups, and both of you should be ready to agree on being sexually exclusive.

  1. Have Other Forms Of Distraction:

If you are going to have just one sex partner, make sure you have a job or a hobby that you can give all your love to. Take away love from sex.

  1. Keep Communication Short and Simple:

Don’t let the calls get too regular. Some checking up calls once in a while is fine. End calls sexually, ask when they are free to hook up. Take turns with the calls. Don’t get all clingy and needy.

  1. Don’t Get Too Comfortable:

Don’t start taking selfies or sharing passwords and secrets. Don’t plan a future together, don’t sleep over at their place except it’s really necessary. Stay objective and know what you want.

  1. Don’t Catch Feeling:

This is the most important tip, don’t catch feelings. The moment you find yourself catching feelings, end it. Don’t be in denial, it would only lead you love or a heartbreak. Studies have shown that a good dick or a good pussy can make you fall in love. If the sex is awesome, RUN. But enjoy it while it last.

  1. Always Look Out For You:

Don’t give oral sex if they won’t repay the favor, except you have a problem with oral sex. Don’t compromise. Always pick your sexual fulfillment and happiness first.

Thanks to Fierce Glowrrie for allowing us share some of her tips.


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