3 important things to avoid when rocking a lingerie.

Dear Mahogany,

It was my boyfriends birthday 2 days ago and I decided to go sexy for him in a lingerie. He didn’t acknowledge or even notice I had a lingerie on at all, I felt embarrassed because I wanted him to see the effort and maybe lingeries are not for everyone.

Hey dear,

First of all, I am sorry you felt bad and your boyfriend didn’t notice your gesture of love, but it is important to note that everyone can rock a lingerie and there is a lingerie for everyone. Ladies have made several mistakes when picking a lingerie.


1. Don’t Wear It When He is Drunk.

People’s reaction to alcohol can be dynamic, but it is true that your level of comprehension might not be all time high therefore, your partner may not be able to fully appreciate your sexy look as he should. So, you might want to move your sexy endeavor to a time when his head is clear.


2. Match Simple Designs With Drama

Picking a sexy lingerie is such a fun thing to do, but while selecting something special, you may end up picking something that is sexy yet not dramatic enough to spell your intentions. Take for instance, a sexy 2pcs that may be mistaken for your regular bra. To upgrade this, match the lingerie with an eye-mask, thigh gather or gloves to make a bolder statement. There is no way your man will not notice.

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Avoid too complicated lingeries

Struggling to pull off your lingerie can be distasteful and it can ruin the whole fun, remember the goal is to look like a snack and not an over-rapped gift. So right from when you are shopping for your lingerie, shop lingeries that you can either wear yourself or the type you can wear with little help.

There are lingeries that will fall apart in the most sexy manner without having to twist and turn too much when you are about to get down, all you need to do is communicate your interest and you will get what you want.

So dear writer you can definitely do this again with a bang! Put these 3 points into consideration and watch how things unfold. I wish you all the best in all your sexy endeavors.


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