3 Things That Can Cause Vagina Burning

If you have ever been troubled by a burning sensation in your vagina for no apparent reason, this article may help you find some answers. Vagina burning is a common condition that affects a good number of women once in a while. To begin with, it is not normal, but it is not damaging and it is treatable. Most importantly, it is merely a symptom that points to something going wrong with your vagina.

There are a good number of reasons that can cause that burning sensation in your vagina but these three (3)  things top the list

Hormonal Changes

If anything, a woman’s body is a puzzle even for gynecologists. There are so many things that can go wrong in a month, most of which can be linked to hormonal changes. On their own, changes in our hormones will not cause vaginal burning but they can cause vaginal dryness. Vagina dryness may cause more friction during sexual intercourse, or cause your vagina to dry up faster. In turn, this can lead to burning and even a little bleeding.

Hormonal changes can be caused by medications like birth control pills, and other contraceptive methods like IUD

Vaginal Infections

Infections like yeast and vaginosis are usually the first suspects where burning in our lady parts is concerned. These two common infections throw off the pH balance in the vagina and can cause a burning sensation down there. Vaginal burning can also present as symptom of other STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

To be safe, ask your doctor for an STI test before you try any antibacterial drugs or cream. The wrong drugs can do more harm than good for the overall health of your vagina.

Hygiene and Products

This part is IMPORTANT, so pay attention. Personal hygiene play a major role in sexual health, especially vagina health. Maintaining good hygiene can not be overstated but USING THE RIGHT products in our daily routine is just as important. Pay attention to the contents of your wipes, panty liner, body wash and shaving products.

The wrong products can raise red flags and throw off the pH balance of your lady parts. Wiping that area with scented wipes is not the same as washing with water and patting dry with a towel.

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