3 Types of Sex You Should Be Having

What is a relationship without hot, consuming attraction? A chore! That’s right. It is a chore and a bore to be in a relationship with no attraction and no passion. All you have left would be the routine of asking each other about food, bills and the weather.

Most relationship quickly slip from the honeymoon stage of sex in the shower and naughty midday texts to routine calls and sex on the weekends only. Boring, right? Well, check yourself. What stage are you in your relationship? Is the novelty washing off and are you starting to yawn after sex with your partner? If yes, then it is time to spice things up with these three types of sex you should be having already.

Breakfast sex

An orgasm in the morning is the best alarm to get you pumped (pun intended) and out of bed! Not only would you be getting good exercise and a healthy dose of feel-good hormones rushing into your head, you will be giving your partner something hot to think about all day long. They will remember your moans and groans and the feel of your skin all through the day and it will bring them back eager to your bed at night.

Sex in Strange Places

Yes we all have a list of odd places we would like to have sex in which usually tend to be public places like a balcony, a parking lot, movie theater and so on. And although most of us tick off these fantasies early in our raunchy teenage years, reliving them with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is a good way to bring back the shy/naughty teenager in them and add color to your marriage or relationship.

Spontaneous Sex

Some of the best sex I’ve had in my life fall into this category. Do you know the rush of blood that pumps through you when you both suddenly have to get each other naked as quickly as possible without a drafted plan or schedule? Spontaneous sex brings all the magic of attraction and the feeling of being irresistible to each other. If you’re not having it, you’re missing out on all the fun

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