3 ways to achieve stronger orgasms using the kegel balls

It is possible to have stronger orgasms using Kegel balls as a means of practicing your kegel exercises. Kegel balls or yoni pearls may look small while some even look like some clitoral toys, but their impact to your pelvic health is in no small measure.

What is Kegel Exercise?

Kegel exercise is the muscle training movements for strengthening the health of the pelvic floor muscles. Kegel balls help Kegel exercises easy and it can can help solve common vagina problems that come as a result of weak pelvic floor muscle

The pelvic floor muscles play a vital role in controlling our bladder and bowel function and supporting our pelvic organs. It helps prevent, control and improve urinary incontinence through strengthening the pelvic floor, kegel balls are also very effective when it comes to maximizing sexual pleasure and helping you achieving strong orgasms!

What are kegel balls?

Kegel balls come in different size and shapes but mostly oval or round (Nothing too edgy).They are called different names like Ben wa balls, yoni pearls, kegel pearls, orgasm balls, geisha balls, or jiggle balls. When you see any of these names be rest assured they mean the one and the same thing. Two weighted balls on cords make up the basic structure of a kegel ball set. You might see kegel balls without straps or cords, in larger sizes, with heavier weights, or in silicone and smooth metal materials. Some kegel balls have also been developed to pulse and give off vibrations that deliver erotic sensations directly to the pelvic floor muscles. 

NOTE: If you suffer from any vagina problems such as pelvic pain, endometriosis, or pelvic infections, speak with your doctor or a sexual health professional before you use kegel balls. 

Are there other benefits apart from strong orgasm?

Kegel balls will certainly help strengthen your pelvic floor and combat the most common symptoms of weakened pelvic muscles, including incontinence when laughing, coughing, or sneezing, difficulty getting to the toilet on time, postpartum pelvic prolapse, and pain during sex

Once you get used to using kegel balls you will get familiar with the sensations of your pelvic floor muscles, and start to understand how strong they are or where there is room for improvement. 

For Better orgasms

What is certain about using kegel balls is that a healthy pelvic floor can increase the pleasure of sexual activity, be it solo or partnered. Kegel balls are often cited as being a great tool for erotic anticipation. Wearing them makes your vagina “alert” and stimulates it from the inside and sex experts posit that these contractions boost arousal both before and during sex. 

Kegel balls are safe to use as long as you’re using the correct size, weight, and technique, and cleaning your kegel balls correctly, there are no risks associated with using kegel balls. However, if you’re pregnant or postpartum, suffering from the effects of pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, or any kind of infection, check with your doctor before using them. If you’re recovering from any surgery, it’s best to avoid anything that will put pressure on your pelvic muscles in any way.

Using Kegel balls with a partner

Although, it is not advised to have full penetrative sex with your partner or use a toy that will penetrate you while you are wearing a kegel ball as they could become stuck, push against the cervix and cause discomfort. 

There are are fun ways to still incorporate it in your partnered sex life.

1. Anal

Anal sex can be pretty intense with kegel balls inside your vagina. Have your partner slowly insert a finger or toy into your butt. This will push the kegel balls against your G-spot creating intense sensations. Go at a comfortable pace and if things are feeling good you can experiment with a larger toy or with your partner’s penis. Just remember that kegel balls should be worn inside the vagina and should never be in your butt. There are sex toys created specifically for anal play, whereas kegel balls could easily get stuck. 

2. Oral sex 

Oral sex is also a sweet way to enjoy kegel balls inside of you, it usually results into a mind blowing orgasm! Squeezing against the kegel balls while your partner performs oral sex can take things to new heights. Your partner can also hold the strap or loop and slowly slide the balls in and out while you use your hands or a toy against your clitoris (This should be with a lot of lubricants of course). 

3. Foreplay

Whether on a date or a regular night out, with the vibrating kegel balls things can really get heated up fast. Insert the kegel balls before leaving home. Then your partner can switch it on using the remote. The erotic feeling is out of this world especially when you are in the midst of unsuspecting strangers or relatives!

What to do when your kegel balls get stuck inside!

If the set you’re using has a strand or a loop, lie down on your back and gently pull on the cord. If you need to add a little more lubricant to comfortably slide the balls out then do so. Exhale as you pull to make it easier.

If the kegel balls are lodged quite high inside your vagina and you feel resistance, assume a squatting position and squeeze as though you are pushing a tampon out and slowly pull on the removal string. If they still seem stuck, try coughing or jumping up and down a few times. After this, if the balls still seem stuck, contact a medical professional for immediate help. 

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