Dear Mahogany, Is there anything bad in using my sexuality to achieve my aspirations?

I am a 23 years old young lady, I am very ambitious and a goal getter. I am not afraid of taking risk to get what I want, even if it means stepping on people’s toe. I have seen how very competitive the world is, right from my university days, men always had the upper hand. Back in the university, I was very timid and shy and always considered what other people thought about me. I always wanted to be the good girl. But now I have realized that being a good girl, or playing good girl wouldn’t get you anywhere. I love myself, and I would never think of doing anything that would hurt me directly.

But my question now is that; in my ambitious quest to achieve my aspirations, is there anything wrong if I use what I have to get what I want?  This include giving out sex. I know I shouldn’t be forced or cajoled into doing what I do not want. But is it bad if I decide to sleep around just to achieve my life’s aspirations?

Kemi 23.

Dear Kemi,

It is not wrong to use what you have to get what you want, provided you are willing to bear the consequences. Some of these consequences will include name calling, people gossiping about you and giving your reputation a bad image.

Provided you can handle all the negative consequences, stay focus and keep you head above the water no matter the scandals you might face, and you are very certain that your actions would get you your desired result, then you are good to go.

But before you proceed, ask yourself is that the only way to go? Is giving out sex as a means to an end and having a bad reputation in the society what you really want? People talk, and talk is cheap but provided you know what you want, and you feel the only way to achieve your aspirations is by going down that road, and you will not have any regrets latter in future, I wish you all the best.




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