Continue from Fantasies pt 1.

Let’s continue our fantasies from where we stopped the last time.

Then she whispers into your ears that she needs to use the bathroom, and you have to help her, because it seems like she sprained her ankle. You agree to help her to the bathroom, but you still can’t over the feel of her ass against your groin, or the full view you just had of her lovely breast.

As soon as you both make it to the bathroom, she quickly frees herself from your grip, and kiss you in a rush. At first you are taken aback and pull away. But as soon as you try to speak, she shuts you up with another rush of her kisses.

At this point, you know the feeling is mutual, and in order not to lose this golden opportunity, you start kissing her back. Your body is beginning to feel like fireworks are happening inside you. Your heartbeat begins to race, making you hunger more for her. So you pick her up and pinned her to the wall of the bathroom.

As soon as the both of you are comfortable in your position, you start to fondle her breast and tease her nipples, while kissing her neck. She starts to moan, and the sound of her moaning sends delight all through your body.

You can feel the strong surge rushing down your manhood and it seems like if you don’t release any time soon, you are going to explode. You put her down, and it seems like your thoughts are inclined so she starts to take off her yoga pants. She starks herself completely naked, and before you lies the most beautiful body you can ever imagine.

So you stop staring and proceed to get rid of your own clothes. As soon as the both of you are completely naked, you rush up to her and pick her up. You return back to your initial position, which is pinning her to the wall. But this time, you rest her legs on your shoulders. She is slightly uncomfortable, but you don’t care.

Slowly and gently, you guide yourself into her pussy. Her pussy is already soaking wet and waiting for your arrival. As soon as you are completely inside of her, she moans. You feel her pussy contract, and tug at your cock. Her pussy is tight, but it fits your cock size perfectly.

Then you proceed, going back and forth in her tight fitting pussy, as you go, you anticipate your release. You have a feeling it’s going to be massive and huge. So you continue to glide back and forth in her even faster, enjoying her every moan and the way she pulls you closer to her. You enjoy the way she buries her finger in your skin and the way she heaves.

Suddenly, you feel lightheaded, you feel a sudden rush of release all through your body, your eye sight is fading and you are beginning to sweat heavily.

Relax it is only just your imaginations and your fantasies.

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