drag queen


She met me with a bit of sophistication and class, but there was also something odd about her. I watched her perform a lip sync and dance to an old time classic, Raining Night. Her performance was hilarious, and I wondered where she got such high spirits from. It must be from drinking too much, I presumed. Never for once did it occur to me that probably Sophie was a drag queen.

My eyes were glued to her all night and she was a delight to watch. In fact, watching her there at the bar seemed to even make my drink taste better. How it never occurred to me that I was becoming affixed to a drag queen still beats me.

Sometimes I wonder maybe it was because her make up was perfect and her red lipstick glowed with seduction, or maybe it was the way she carried herself, and the way her blue gown sparkled with sequence, or maybe it was her nicely attached wig? I can’t say. Or probably because the truth was that I was gay and still finding it hard to accept and come to terms with. I would never know.

As soon as Sophie finished her performance, I asked the barman to give her whatever drink she asked for. “The bill is on me.” I told him smiling sheepishly. I noticed the barman gave me an odd look, but let’s just say I was too tipsy to care.

As luck would have it, Sophie came to the bar and sat right beside me. It was a trill to have her that close to me. Before she spoke, the barman made her a shot of tequila and passed it to her. He said “compliments of the gentleman right beside you.” I removed my imaginary hat and bowed.

“Thank you” she said. That was when I heard her voice for the first time. It was taken aback, and lost in shock.  “Thank you” she said again, awaiting my response.  The barman seemed to find my reaction very amusing because I caught him trying hard to hold back his laughter.

“You are welcome” I finally responded. I was till yet to get over the masculinity in her voice. But for some reason it got me even more affixed to her. The sound of her voice sent tingling sensations to my groin. The feeling was surreal, and within me, I knew that my night was just beginning.

To be continued……

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