My virgin girlfriend wants to lose her virginity.

Dear Mahogany, My virgin girlfriend wants to lose her virginity.

I and my girlfriend have been dating for three years. We agreed on “No Sex Still Marriage” policy because she is a virgin. She was the one that suggested this policy, and I agreed to it, mainly because I love her so much. We engage in other form of sexual activities like oral sex, kissing, but not penetrative sex.

Now my problem is that recently, she has been persuading me to have sex with her, so that she can lose her virginity. At first I thought it was a joke, but lately she has become even more persuasive and she said that the reason why I do not want to have sex with her is because I do not find her sexually attractive.

Honestly I am very worried about this situation, as well as confused. My girlfriend is not usually like this and I am wondering what is wrong with her. I am even beginning to suspect that this is a trap. Please how do I go about this situation?

Anonymous 29.

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for reaching out to us concerning your dilemma. The best advice I can give you is to have a serious one on one, heart to heart conversation with your girlfriend. You have to find out what really is the problem, and why does she all of a sudden want to lose her virginity. You might be surprise at the outcome of the conversation, and that would help you in knowing what decision to make.

But if you agree to have sex, I advise that you have a proof of her giving you her consent.  You could record your conversation with her before the act, where she actually gave consent to sexual intercourse. Please make sure you try to read the highlighted text in this reply.





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