drag queen


Continued from Drag Queen pt 3.

Kelvin was surprised but I wasn’t going to slow down, I finally knew what I want and it was Kelvin. Before I knew it, we were taking each other’s clothes off and kissing like we wanted to eat each other out.

I started to take out his trouser belt, unzip his trouser and brought his 6 inches massive dick. Just feeling his dick in my hands I knew I immediately want his dick in my mouth. So I went down on him. I could tell that Kelvin was surprised, even I was surprised. I was finally coming to terms with my sexuality and I was really excited.

As I sucked Kelvin’s dick, I could hear him moan, and it was a beautiful feeling. It was an encouragement. So sucked even harder and faster, I could hear him heave heavily for breath. Then I started to finger his ass, it was so surreal.  I shoved my finger as far into his butt hole as I could. I could feel him vibrate and tremble at the feel of my finger deep inside his butt hole. It felt like I was about to make him cum.

Suddenly, Kevin picked me up and shoved to his sofa. Then he started to finger my butt hole. This was the first time something was going into my butt hole. It was a wonderful feeling, at that moment, it seemed like nothing else mattered and the world doesn’t exist. Next he started applying lubrication to my butt hole. I knew he was coming, I was trying to prepare my mind for what was about to happen, but no amount of mind prep can have you prepared for when that 6 inches dick hit your butt hole.

So Kelvin’s 6 inches dick penetrated my butt hole and I was stunned. There and then, I knew I was in love with a drag queen.

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