Topics like sexual maturity most times are not properly address at home. Most times, parents tend to shy away from topics like these, and act like they do not notice their kids are becoming sexually matured. Often, children end up confused, and with different questions they would like to have answered. But when parents begin to wave away their questions, they start looking outside. These lead them to the wrong hands, and they would get the wrong information, and this could be detrimental to their sexual development.

So today, I am here to answer the question when are you ready for sex? In most homes, the answer would be when you are married. But this does not work anymore today. A lot of people are having premarital sex and are getting away with it. So it’s high time we start dishing out the right information to our kids.

WHEN ARE YOU READY FOR SEX?sexual maturity


The first thing to consider before you start thinking of sex, is information. You need to ask yourself, how much information do you know about sex? How much these information are true and how many are false? Before you think of sex, you need to gather the right information. Learn about STIs, Contraceptives, Sexual abuses and assaults, consent.  It is very important that you receive adequate information concerning these topics.


Before you decide to have sex, ask yourself what are the reasons you want to have sex, is it the right reasons? Are you being forced or pressured into doing what you don’t want to do? If the reasons are not right, then don’t do it.


Another very important thing to consider before sex is your partner. Are you sure he or she is the person you want to go down that road with? The person you are losing your virginity to is very important because you would not want to regret it later in future.


Are you matured enough? Can you handle all the responsibilities that comes with being sexually active? This are also some questions that you should ask yourself. Are you sure you are going to be responsible enough to do all that it takes to be sexually healthy? Can you handle all the emotions that comes with being sexually active?

The truth is, at the end you will still have to deal with all these questions, either now or later, married or single. So brace up. Please ensure that you read up on the linked texts.

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