Dipping myself in rich, creamy milk is one skin care routine I have always fancied. How many cans of milk will I be needing? I often ask myself. I always imagined the feel of rich, creamy milk on me skin, how it was going to leave my skin feeling silk and fresh. I finally got the opportunity to experiment, and it was worth more than I imagined.

Bright my housemate had been out all day, she was making purchase of some items she would be needing for her final year project. I on the other hand was stalked at the apartment with boredom. I have been watching one TV. series after the other, yet nothing was able to compensate for my extreme boredom.

It wasn’t until I started watching another TV. Series before I became grossly engaged and carried away. I completely forgot that I was the only one at the apartment. Although the story line was poor, the sex scenes were awesome. The movie was a complete turn on, and I wished Leah my partner was with me.

Soon Bright came in, with 6 cans or milk which she would be using for her project. I asked her what she would be needing those for, but she was very impatient, and dashed out of the apartment again. I knew she would be gone for long, so I seized the opportunity to invite Leah over.

Leah is a fair in complexion, average size lady with the body of a goddess. You could describe her as having a pear shaped body, but to me she was just perfect. And yes we are lesbians. Bright knows all about us, but I guess she is still trying to figure out her own sexuality.

Soon Leah was in the apartment, and mainly seeing her, plus the effect the movie already had on me sent trills through my body. Soon we started kissing slowly and lustfully, teasing each other. We knew each other’s weak points and we always used it to our advantage.

As I continued to kiss her, I started foundling with her boobs. Foundling with her boobs and kissing her made me start imaging what she would taste like if I poured milk all over her. The idea continued to grow in my head and I liked it. Without any hesitation, I went to fetch one can of milk from Bright’s room. I was excited, and Leah only wondered what I was up to.

Next I opened the can of evaporated milk and poured out some of its content in her mouth, I watched as she licked her lips and I rushed to kiss her. I was right, the taste was different, her kisses were sweet and creamy, and the silkiness of her tongue was a turn on. I proceeded to her neck. She has a soft spot for neck kissing, it was an instant arousal for her. I spread the milk through her neck, and used my tongue to trace the path they created. Leah moaned, she was having a time of her life, and much to my delight, I was also enjoying myself.

Soon the journey of my tongue reached the space between her boobs. At this point, I started to remove her shirt and undo her bra. Next I poured milk between the pathway of her boobs. I tipped a little on her nipples and watched as it flowed down the hills of her boobs. She wanted to move, but I asked her to stay still. The view of creamy milk travelling through her body was exciting, so I decided to just empty the can.

I poured the remaining content of the can all through her abdomen, and stopped at her navel. Soon the journey of  my tongue resumed again, travelling through her body, lapping at the toppings of her body. The sweet sensation I felt whenever I thought about how I held her at hostage can only be imagined. She couldn’t move in order not to spill her the milk on the couch, the way she moaned and bit her lip, swaying her legs left and right because she was trying to contain her excitement.

I could tell she was already wet, so I slowly started taking off her skirt. Next I went to her panties, I could feel how wet she was from her pant as I took them off. I was about to get another can of milk to use on her when the door swung opened, it was Bright and she’s caught me red-handed using her milk on my lesbian partner.

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