Dear Mahogany, What is your opinion on cosmetic surgery?

I am a married woman with three children, child birth over the last couple of years has taken a toll on my body. Now I am seriously considering surgery to repair the damage on my body. We mothers go through a whole lot of things, yes we love our children, but we don’t necessary love the changes they cause on our body.

I have been saving a lot for these surgeries, but now I am getting discouraged because people say that only insecure people go for these surgeries. I am considering getting breast implants, butt implant or butt lift and a tummy tuck.

Before I started considering surgery, I was doing exercises and dieting, but there were very little and insignificant changes. I feel surgery would give me the final solution that I need.

Please Mahogany, I need your solid opinion and advice on this issue.

Bose 40.

Dear Bose,

Thank you for reaching out. Honestly speaking I would advise that you do whatever would make you feel more comfortable about your body and yourself. You are what matters most, and not people’s opinions about you.

If you feel you are not comfortable with some changes with your body, and you feel that cosmetic surgery is the best way to correct it, then go for it. In every situation, you have to do you and think of what is best for you.

Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and compromise, but at the end your comfort and happiness should be your priority. So go ahead and do what’s best for you.



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