5 Facts You Should Know About Penis Size

Rounding up the conversation on Penis Size,  we have a list of five (5) facts you should know about penis size that will put your mind to rest and separate facts from fiction once and for all

Size Does Matter…for one night stands

Yes, size matters but only for short term affairs, flings and one night stands. The whole point of a one night stand is to let of steam or try out something different for a change. Men with a smaller sized penis may feel a little pressure but rest assured that pleasure is still the end goal. If you can get her to orgasm, then she’ll probably not remember the missing inches.

Penis Size is NOT Determined by Race

In 2015, British researchers looked at the penis measurements of over 15,000 men from all over the world and determined that there was absolutely no correlation between race and penis size. The popular belief that Asian men have smaller penises than Caucasian or white men is simply a myth. Also, black men are not better hung than other races. The average is still 5 inches around the globe.

You can’t tell Penis Size by Feet or Hands

No, ma’am. You have to actually look at a penis to tell. There is really no correlation between a man’s feet size, his palm size and his penis. To back this up, in 2002, a study from the University College Hospitals in London measured penises and feet of 104 men and found no correlation whatsoever. Basically, the research determined that the only way to truly gauge the size of a man’s package was to see it in the flesh.

Performance Anxiety Has Little to do With Size

No matter the size of a man’s tool, he can get a little cold feet when he needs to rise to the occasion. Asides from the fact that most men tend to underestimate their size, age, comparison and other factors may be responsible for his performance anxiety.

There’s No Magic Pill or cream for Penis Enlargement

For centuries, men have been doing the most to increase the size of their junk. Although there are dozens of drugs and creams on store shelves claiming to deliver this miracle, the sad truth is, there’s still no proof as to how effective they are Worst still is, they do more harm than good. Some of the side effects include loss of erection, nerve damage and so on. Bottom line is, they don’t work

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