5 HOME DATE NIGHT IDEAS to spice your relationship

Everyone knows that 2020 has been a year of abandoned vacations among other things. Since you can’t plan those amazing vacations anymore , it’s time to get more creative with sex date ideas for you and your partner.  Who said you cannot have your date nights anymore and keep the spice going in your relationships

Here are five home date night ideas we think you should try out.

  1. Have a date night at home

You don’t have to wait for movement before you can wear your fancy clothes and apply makeup for bae. Plan a dinner date, cook together or order food online. Dress up in that sexy gown you have been storing in the wardrobe sad thinking about when  to wear it. Make your hair look fancy, apply some makeup, dress up in heels, smell nice and go on your date.

Have your partner dress up fancy also just like an outdoor date. Set up a table and sit across one another, hold hands like you used to and enjoy each other’s company. It would be wise to wear a hot under wear or lingerie under your dinner date, in case things progress.  It’s a date night too.

date night

2. Have sex in a new place in the house

Abandon the bedroom for some time and take sex out of it. Think of a new spot where you know you can be comfortable and sexual at the same time and where you have not had sex in before. This way you can be sure of kicking it off your sex  bucket list with your partner if you have one. Thinking of new places, check out sex spots in the house other than the bedroom.

3. Give each other a sexy massage

The power of touch in a relationship cannot be over emphasized. Relax to each other’s touch  after a long week. You can decorate like a date night using scented candles, petals around and a massage oil.

4. Plan a game night

Relieve memories through conversations and games with your partner. You can play games like monopoly, ludo , scrabble or whatever game you would like.  Laugh and relax with chocolate and red wine to calm your nerves. Who knows from there you may be playing poker strip or trying out the sex card position games. Remember this is still a sex date idea.


5. Plan a movie date

You can say that now is the best time to Netflix and chill. Cuddle up to movies with some popcorn  and wine and just enjoy every moment together. Choose movies as you please or you can choose something erotic to set the mood.

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