When it comes to a dash of style, looks, wit, charm and charisma then Ebuka Obi- Uchendu is the name that comes to mind. When Faze made a reference to the heart robber persona in his song, I think he had Ebuka in mind.
Ebuka stole the hearts of Nigerians after participating in the first BBN in 2006 and even though he emerged in the eighth position, we have not been able to get over him completely. He is known for hosting the BBN show and every time he brings the reality to our screen, we love him more.

1. Ebuka is an embodiment of handsomeness with intelligence. Apart from being an actor, model and TV personality. Ebuka has his master’s degree in Law. Nothing as sexy as a man who can save you with his gift of glib.

2. Tall, lean, handsome, classy with a dash of poise to finesse, Ebuka has the body to die for. We appreciate a man who makes some effort in keeping fit and Ebuka gives us the body goals every time we come across a picture of him.

3. He keeps his private life private. Ebuka is married with a daughter but that’s all there is to know. He keeps his family life private and keeps us guessing. I enjoy the air of mystery around that.

4. He is stylish. Ebuka’s famous agbada will certainly go down as one of the best fashion statement to be pulled. Ebuka slays every look he wears, from the casual to the traditional or corporate wear. He always comes out looking like a snack.

5. He has remained scandal free. It is surprising how someone of his status has managed to curb any form of scandal by the media. Despite the accusation in recent times concerning him playing favourites with a BBN contestant, Ebuka has still been waxing stronger.

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