5 Sex Positions Only Fit People Should Try

These sex positions will require effort — because these aren’t for lazy people, unlike spooning. They are so intense that they feel basically like a workout — as in, you may want to stretch first and breathe a lot. But they are enjoyable if you get them right.

Cowgirl on Chair


The man sits on a chair – ideally the chair won’t be too high as the woman’s feet need to touch the ground. The woman sits on his lap facing him and uses her feet to bounce up and down.

Enjoy giving your thighs a good work out with this sex position!


The Challenge Doggy

This position requires a sturdy chair/stool and a great deal of balance. The woman crouches on the stool while the man enters her from behind. He will need to hold firmly onto her waist to stop her toppling over.

The Ape Ride

If you fancy something a little bit different give this position a try.

The man lies on his back and brings his knees up to his chest. The woman sits down on her partner facing away from him while he rests his feet on her back and penetrates her. The woman uses her feet to balance and control the motion.

Great for deep penetration.

The Rowing Boat

The best way to start this position is with the man laying back and the woman sitting astride him. Once he is penetrating her the man can slowly sit up, so they are facing each other with their legs intertwined. For added comfort they can both slip their arms under each other’s knees.

The Standing Wheelbarrow

Another challenging position which requires a great deal of skill and balance.

The woman starts on all fours, she can rest her elbows on a pillow if that’s more comfortable. The man kneels behind the woman and enters her. Once he has penetrated the woman he can slowly lift her off the ground by holding onto her ankles.

Good luck!


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