5 things you must do before shopping sex toys with your partner.

Shopping a sex toy for yourself can be quite straight forward if you already know what pleasures you. However, that is not the case when you are trying to shop for sex toys with your partner because you have to consider different things before going ahead to shop.

Shopping pleasure toys with your partner can be fun and it can also be an opportunity to learn stimulating discoveries about your sexuality by trying new things. Below are few tips for a wholesome shopping experience.

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Discuss boundaries

There are several sex toys for different sexual preferences. Therefore, before you decide to go sex toy shopping, discuss the things you both currently enjoy and things you both would not like to explore at all, this discussion will help focus your shopping experience. Set clear boundaries on toys you will not explore at all.


Be open minded

Being open minded means being accommodative of ideas, behaviors, practices that you are not used to and handling them with maturity and no judgements. Rather than expressing shock or out rightly rejecting a toy your partner has suggested, you can discuss further on how it would pleasure both of you.


Research toys

It is important that you research toys that cater for the kind of pleasure you seek. For instance, if what pleasures you is anal stimulation you can research for toys that give anal pleasure, the same goes for other kinds of pleasure too, it could even be a game or book that will make your relationship more intimate.

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Walk in or shop online

For the best shopping experience you need a vendor that has experienced representatives like mahogany.ng so that they can help make your selection easy. If you can’t walk in, you can still shop directly from the website while you still enjoy the guide of the customer care.

Include essentials

I understand your focus is on the pleasure toys however, you need essentials that will make your toy experience sweeter. There are several essentials but for your pleasure sake, do not complete your order without getting lubes and toy disinfectants.

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In all, shopping sex toys with your partner is an experience we are sure you would really enjoy, so make sure you have fun while at it.

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