While vaginal sex is the most common type of sex among heterosexual couples, it may interest you to know that most women do not find vaginal sex pleasurable. Many women do not feel much during vaginal penetration and it is quite common. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be sentenced to a lifestyle of zero pleasure for the rest of your life during intercourse. The vagina is an erogenous zone, although not as sensitive as the clitoris, it can be an erogenous zone if you know how to touch it properly.

There are different reasons why women do not enjoy vaginal sex. Some women experience pain during intercourse which could be as a result of insufficient arousal, overly deep penetration, a medical issue or due to lack of sensation. Whatever the situation (unless it’s a medical issue), there are tips to make vaginal sex more pleasurable.

5 tips you can tap into to make vaginal sex more pleasurable.

Get to the peak of your arousal

Arousal in women can take between 10-15 minutes and that is okay. Most women do not get to the peak of their arousal before penetration begins hence making penetrative sex bland. Every woman can get to the peak of their arousal through foreplay and adequate clitoral stimulation. When a woman is fully aroused, blood flows to the clitoris and the area around the cervix lengthens and widens making it ready for penetration.

Check out different foreplay ideas for guaranteed pleasure.

Use lubes

No matter the type of sex you are having, use lubes to make it better. Sex is more enjoyable for both parties when the vagina is well lubricated. For some women, lubrication doesn’t come as easy even when aroused. Lubes make everything about penetrative sex better and increases vaginal sensation. It doesn’t even matter if you wet, use lubes to heighten the pleasure.

I always suggest the use of organic lubes to reduce the risk of yeast infections.

Try Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are a natural libido booster and a must try for every woman. It’s okay if you need extra help getting aroused, stress can also a be a great hindrance to pleasure. Use aphrodisiacs before sex to get your body ready for vaginal penetration and for increased sensations. Some aphrodisiacs can be used over time for lasting results. For instance, the Wet and Wild aphrodisiac taken over time can improve vaginal lubrication permanently and increase sexual arousal.

Do not ignore the clitoris

To make vaginal sex pleasurable, do not ignore the clitoris. Most women need clitoral stimulation in addition to vaginal penetration in order to orgasm. Stimulating the clitoris during arousal can make the vagina more sensitive to pleasure.

Find the g-spot

While there has been much fuss about the g-spot, it is important to know that the g-spot is not always in a place. It is not a button that can be switched on and off as you like. For some people it takes weeks of regular massage to awaken the area.

For most women when finding the g-spot there is an increased urge to pee: which is normal because the g-spot is just a nexus of tissues right in front of the bladder. Finding the g-spot can be done with your fingers or the use of a g-spot vibrator made specifically for the g-spot.

There you have it. You can make vaginal sex more pleasurable by using any of the tips above. Go live your best sex life today.

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