6 Herbs you will find in our Yoni Fresh jar

When you open our Yoni Fresh jar, You will find at least 6 herbs that are beneficial to the health of the vagina. There is an argument that some organic health care givers just put together every leave they can lay their hands on and put it in a jar as steaming herbs. We are here to dispel that fact with these post as I will be sharing the combination of herbs you will find in our jar of absolute goodness!


Basil leaves.

What comes to mind when the basil leave is mentioned is most likely food! Basil is a very common Italian food ingredient but also it is a great herb that helps reduce stress and facilitate relaxation.


The Calendula leaves provide anti-inflammatory properties to the mix!

Rose Flowers

Dried rose or fresh rose flowers are a great part of our steaming herbs. Rose deep cleans the pores and gets rid of every harmful bacteria.


Chamomile leaves help relax your muscles, and it soothes your skin. It also disinfects your skin, making this an ideal steam addition for sensitive and irritated skin types.

Rose Mary Leaves

The Rose Mary leaves have a lot of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties that helps deal with mild bacteria infections.


Lavender acts as the disinfecting herb in our mix and also has soothing properties.

Vaginal steaming like many other age long practices have had their fair share of criticism from science. One thing science has not been able to dispel about vaginal steaming is the fact that it promotes blood flow to the vagina.

We have had consistent reviews of women who have orgasmed through penetration after having the Vaginal steaming. This is because when blood flows to the vagina, it promotes stronger pelvic floor muscles which helps you achieve stronger orgasms.
Another benefit of blood flow to the vaginal through steaming is that it counteracts post-menopausal side effects such as Vaginal dryness. This is because the decrease in estrogen causes less blood flow to the Vagina. The result of the decrease in estrogen is that the Vaginal canal may loose its outer layer and become dryer and less elastic.
Vaginal steaming also has a soothing effect when the steaming is not boiling hot.

Make sure the steam is not too hot so you do not scaled yourself in the process of steaming.
Steaming may look straight forward but if not done well you might be harming yourself which is why you should visit a Spa that specializes in it. Ask questions and be sincere with the state of your health when trying to get steaming herbs.
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