6 Sex Tips that Works for Everybody

1. Use Lube 

There’s this myth that lube is for women who lack something; that if you need it during sex, you’re not doing it right. That’s totally wrong. Everyone needs lube. No matter how wet you get at the beginning, when sex start to extend for longer than 10 minutes, the chances that you will dry up, is higher.

2.  Set firm boundaries

Boundaries are not only OK to have but vital for a quality sexual experience. Learn to trust how you feel about people and situations. Learn how to say a clear and direct no (and a clear and direct yes) without going back. This will boost your sexual confidence and the other person will see that you know what you want.

3. Intimacy can be sexier than sex

Everything that leads up to sex is just as important as sex itself. Making direct eye contact, for example, or engaging in heartfelt embraces, holding hands, sharing childhood memories, listening to them talk about themselves etc.. all these makes a person feel wanted and desired and it can make sex with them twice as good.

4. Know and love your body

Pay attention to your body and what works for you.  Masturbating frequently, honestly communicating what you like and don’t like to your partner(s) and experimenting with new techniques is a surefire way to get to know your body. Like they say, you can;t give what you don’t have. To give pleasure, you have to know how to take it.

5. Dirty talk is foreplay

The most important thing is letting your partner know what you enjoy. People aren’t mind readers, and even experienced sex workers can have trouble sussing out a client’s wants or kinks via trial and error. Dirty talk is a great way to communicate — and sexting lets you frankly communicate what you want with the added bonus of not having to make direct eye contact while doing so.

6. Role-play can reignite your sex life completely

It can be really hot and fun to play a role with your partner. Talk about sexual fantasies with them and bring it to live together. It can bring you closer whichever way it goes. Asides from getting major fun out of it, you’ll make sweet memories that you can relive together in the future.

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