Self love either with your fingers ,a sex toy or a house hold item is amazing. Other than being healthy, it teaches us the right way to get our groove ticking.

In as much as we enjoy the company of being with others, we cannot deny the satisfaction that masturbating brings. Think of yourself as a discoverer and your body as an untapped vessel, no one else can discover those hidden pleasures other than yourself and you have to do that by digging deep at different angles. Play games with your body, use an arousal gel, stick something up your butt. What’s the worst that can happen as you understand your pleasure points.

But, when we discover the route to our pleasure, we get stuck in that routine of doing it the same way. This is totally fine but routines can take away the fun. The beauty of solo sex is that the options are limitless. Take your body on a test drive today in a different position and find out what rocks your boat.

Just like you won’t stick to a particular sex style with your partner, you should spice things up with solo sex.

Here are six solo sex positions you should try out today:

  1. Hand Humping

Apply a generous amount of lube on your fingers or love toy. Lie on your belly and place your V on your hand. Rock your hips on your finger or toy, grind yourself against it or move your body up and down. Try using both hands at once when you start feeling it, using your body weight to put more pressure on the clit for double sensation.

2. Hands free

solo sex positons for women
Image: Cosmopolitan

Just like it’s name you don’t have to do much by yourself. .It is best used with hand free sex toys. Lie with your back on a couch and get yourself fully aroused with a sex toy that thrusts or massages you internally while buzzing your clit and enjoy the magic. You can take it a step higher by using two sex toys at once, one for thrusting and the other for massaging your clitoris. See what rocks your boat in this position. . Just make sure you hit the right places ..


3. Slide Spoon

Lie on your side like the spooning sex position but solo. Apply lube generously on two fingers and slide them up and down along either side of the clit. If you find yourself close to orgasm, add a finger or dildo in your vagina. In this solo sex position, there is a toy for every hole and you can decide to “leave no hole unfilled” . Feeling daring? You can add a butt plug to see where the pleasure leads. Not your thing? Take it off.


4. The Pretend lover

Get a dildo and place it in a thrusting position on a chair or bed, wherever you find most comfortable and F it wildly like a dick, rubbing your clit as you go. Rock your hips as you would on a dick and enjoy the sensation. Even if you don’t come easily through penetration, rub your clit and enjoy the thrill of having a static lover.


5. The Subtle touch

Lean back on a comfortable pillow and stay in position. Tap on your clit lightly and using a single lubed fingers, make circles around it, place you hand over your whole vulva and rub. Go super slowly until you feel it. Slide a finger inside of your V and slowly hold it down by squeezing your pelvis. Allow yourself enjoy the process of finding your orgasm, don’t rush it..

6. Teenage dreams

Lie on your bed in your underwear, put your hands between your legs and touch yourself over it. Think of those few times you sneaked around as a teenager and allowed yourself get touched over your panties. Moreover, sex with clothes on is as hot as sex while naked.

Have a pleasant ride

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