6 Things Women with High Sex Drive Deal with

When you are easily turned on by everything from a wink to a booty rub, you start to wonder if you freak people out as much as you turn yourself on.  Women with high sex drive get a lot of bad rep from media, men and sometimes even women like us. So what if we always want some action?

These six (6) things are struggles only women with a high sex drive can understand

1. Men don’t understand us

See that gist about men always rooting for a girl who is always down for a quickie? Not true. Sometimes men get confused by us. Some find it extremely hot, some get intimidated or just think it is tiring. Well, Bleh!


2. Our friends are shocked by us

When you always have sex on your mind, it tend to slip into most of your conversation one way or anoother. If you are like me, trust me your friends are tired of hearing you sing “dick” a dozen times a day. But who cares?


3. We fly solo…mostly

A high sex drive means you want it a lot and if you are lucky, your partner does too. If not, we have to do the job ourselves. Pretty sad, right?  No, not really. Masturbation is a lot more fun than a one night stand with a weirdo.


4. We get turned down

You may be wondering if this is even possible, but men get tired too. Again, men find us extremely intimidating and a lil scary. Sex 3 times a day, 7 days a week takes a LOT of stamina and some men just don’t have it. Pfft!


5. Our body betrays us

Okay, remember how we get turned on by everything? Well, we can get really wet even when we are pretty mad and not thinking of sex at all (or at least not so much). Sucks, right? Again, not really. Make up sex is a GO!


6. Slut-shaming

When you think, talk and have sex all the time your less open friends and the rest of society are quick to tag you a slut, a nymph or a sex addict. But it’s OK baby girl. They are mostly just jealous of all that orgasms you’re having.

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