6 Women Share their Sexual Assault Stories on Twitter

With all the stories in the media recently on rape, we sympathize strongly with all the victims of sexual assault, male and female, who have to relive their own experiences every time they turn on the TV or tune into their favorite social media.

Sexual Assault is a private ordeal that is a reality for many women at any age, all social classes and any industry. This means that women are constantly put in awkward, discomforting positions all their life regardless of age, social standing or career choice.
The silence that follows these experiences is so loud and deafening and as expected, seems to have no social impact whatsoever. Which is why we NEED to begin to break this silence. Starting from ourselves and then moving on to younger, growing girls. We need to teach them to SPEAK UP and to not let SHAME steal their voice.
We need to teach them to be BOLD and unapologetic and stand up to their abusers without cowering in fear.
Because the monsters hide behind the shame and the fear they instill in their victims. They bank on the silence that follows and they get stronger and bolder and pat themselves on the back, shamelessly.
Because speaking on it is a giant step towards healing. Because flowers bloom after the rain.

Read the heartbreaking accounts of women around the world breaking their silence years after their abuse below. We hope it emboldens you to SPEAK UP and reclaim your sanity.

All tweets were replies to a Twitter thread created by Nicole Bedera, a sociologist at the University of Michigan studying sexual violence, masculinity, and gender inequality.

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