7 easy tips to become the best sex partner.

How can I better in bed for my partner?  If there was a pill that when taken would make you the best version of you in the bedroom, then I assure you that it would always be sold out.  Everyone wants to be great in bed, to possess the skill of pleasure as if it was a magic power. But, it isn’t, neither is it difficult too. With our busy lifestyles, keeping up and maintaining a healthy sex life takes time and effort. However, being better in bed doesn’t have to be a herculean task. If you know what you are doing plus you are ready to put in some efforts.

With these 7 easy tips you can become better in bed

1. Breathe confidence

Confidence is always a turn on, whether in the bedroom or out of it. Expressing your needs and desires sexually can improve intimacy and help you experience pleasure easily. You cannot be confident in your body if you do not love your body and you can love your body by knowing it. Being better in bed is being able to express your needs and desires confidently. However, that comes from knowing your body and the touch you enjoy in bed. When you know what you want, you can ask for it and please your partner too in the same light. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to become a good sexual partner, you may never become one.

How to improve your confidence and sensuality in the bedroom

2. Keep the mystery alive with spontaneity

Sometimes even the best sex may begin to feel monotonous if everything is done the same way. In your sex life, routine is dangerous. Try some new tips in your sex life to mix things up and keep the repetition at bay. Try new sex positions, have more quickies, explore new places in your home, play sex games together. Just make sure that something always different about your sex meetings. That way, sex would always be an experience.

3. Start some days with sex

There is not a better feeling than beginning your day with orgasm. Morning sex always hits different for men because at that time their testosterone levels are high and the penis is in better shape for any sexercise and the female body more responsive to pleasure. Morning sex is always a hit. You can also alternate by having sex at noon, when the female body is ovulating. It’s always a win-win.

4. Make foreplay a priority

Foreplay begins long before sex starts. Set the right mood before sex. Engage in sexual acts like kissing, oral sex,dirty talk, a massage to get the body warmed up and be in the right mood for sex. There is no time limit associated with foreplay and it can last as long as possible till the body is truly warmed up and ready for sex.

Here are some foreplay tips you should try out in the bedroom.

5. Get fit down there

Never ignore your kegels. Now if you want better vaginal lubrication ,get better orgasms and want your vagina to have a stronger grip then start doing your kegels. Orgasms are your pelvic floor contracting and if your pelvic floor is not strong you are not going to feel much. However, a fit pelvic floor can take your sex life from zero to a 100%. So if you want to be that badass in the bedroom, get some work done on your pelvic floor.  The benefits of kegel exercises are numerous and you can check them out here.

6. Use your words

It’s okay to talk dirty during sex. Create a mental image of what you like using dirty words. Tease with your words every time. Nibble on their ears when you are in bed, whisper exciting naughty words to keep the sexual drive going whenever you have sex.

7. Be open to trying new things

A closed mind has the least fun and if you want to be a better sex partner then keep your mind open to trying new things. Always be ready to explore with your partner. One way to make sure you both try out new things always is by keeping a sex bucket list and promise to always do one sexual activity out of it every week or month. It could be trying out a sex toy. Exploring a new sex position or indulging in a new kink. Either ways keep the spark alive in the bedroom by doing something you have not done before. The thrill is always lit.

There you have it. 7 very easy tips to be better in the bedroom. Which of them are you trying out first? Visit to shop for products guaranteed to help you live your best sex life.

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