I once told my girlfriend I would buy her a sex toy on her next birthday and she looked at me like I was bat shit crazy. But, I only wanted to share the goodness of orgasms with her, but it’s her luck.  Sex toys make great gifts. When we think of ways to pamper our friends we think of the spa, shopping and all that but screw that. There is no better way of saying, I care about your orgasms like giving them a sex toy. When you think of all the amazing benefits that come from having an orgasm: why not.  

It’s the 21st century and we are not ashamed to talk about our sexuality. More women and men inclusive have come to accept the fact that we are all sexual beings. And even your friends are not left behind, so go on with it.

Still thinking if sex toys make a perfect gift?

Here are 7 awesome reasons sex toys are great gifts

It’s good for their health

If your friend’s celebrity crush tweeted about giving out free tickets to their best fans, I’m sure you would mention them. So, why hold back on when it comes to sex toys. So why not share the goodness of pelvic exercises with them today. Duh, what are friends for. A pair of the Mahogany’s vibrating yoni pearls can greatly improve their sex life. They keep the pelvic muscles fit, increase arousal, improve lubrication and keep the floor muscles ready for pleasure.  

Even the men are not left behind with the u-shape prostate massager will work wonders for the male prostate. Stimulating the prostate can reduce the risks of prostate cancer, reduce the risks of an erectile dysfunction and improve orgasms. Be the friend who cares.


It can improve their relationships

I know it’s none of your business but come on, it wouldn’t hurt to give your friend a dual toy that she can use both ways. The Mahogany naughty girl clitoral vibe can be used solo to stimulate the clitoris and together with a partner. Your friend will have an amazing sexual experience whether they are riding solo or with their partner.


It will always fit into your budget

There is always something that fits into your budget. Whether you want a pocket friendly toy or feel like splurging there is a gift for you. The amazing benefit about buying love toys is that no matter the budget you don’t have to compromise on quality. For instance the lipstick vibrator has a sleek design with intense vibrations that delivers sensations worth billions.

It could be your little secret

You can talk about it using your own Morse code and no one would know about it. Just imagine talking about a g-spot vibrator in public and using words no one can understand. It could strengthen the bond between your friendships and keep the conversation exciting. The g-spot wand by Mahogany can even be your girlfriend’s new best friend and give you both something intimate to talk about.

A love toy shows you care

There are so many ways you can show you care. And gifts are the not the only way to pass across your message. But, a toy is valuable and can express feelings of deep thought. Especially a well thought out toy like the famous Mahogany Clitoral Suction toy with it’s high-end refined design and dual stimulation features, will speak for you.

It is a memorable and unique gift

Just imagine you took your time going to the gift store to pick a  gift for your friend’s party. But, while unwrapping the gift, you find out you got her the same bag as three other people. Oh well, we know how it ends. When gifting sex toys, you can be sure that the chances of that happening are rare. Wands make great toys, they can easily fit into their bags and can serve multi-purpose. They provide intense but silent vibrations and can be used as a toy and body massager. Your friend would definitely not forget this unique gift in a hurry.

It can improve their sex life

If you have experienced the beauty of an orgasm you would never go back to bad sex again. Although the end point of sex is not always an orgasm but the pleasures from sex is something we would forget in a hurry. For persons who have a hard time staying erect or want a harder erection during sex then the gift of the superman cock ring will be highly appreciated. This high end sex toy comes with an extravagant design and unique features that make it a perfect gift.

Be a good friend and gift your friend an amazing sex toy. Visit to get a gift card that suits your need.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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