7 seduction tips that won’t leave you feeling desperate

When the topic of seduction comes up, Most women feel they have to be the next Kim Kardashian before they can successfully seduce their partner. Seduction is more about working the mind than the body.

A good seductress does not claim perfection rather she exudes confidence. She highlights her positive sides using her voice, humour, body and personality. To be good in the art of seduction, you have to be comfortable in your own skin .

Seduction is a game of fun, thrill and desire. And in romantic relationships it is a needed skill when for adding spice to your relationships. Other than spicing your relationship or rejuvenating the spark in a long term relationship, seduction can strengthen the bond between partners, lead to more communication and a healthy sex life.

Seduction tips may vary from person to person as what worked for a previous partner may not work for your current partner.

Despite the many perks of seduction, most women have their reservations because they do not want to come off as desperate or needy as the case may be. Some persons prefer being direct when seducing their partner while others prefer a more subtle approach. Do you like being subtle?

Here are seven subtle seduction tips that won’t fail you

  1. Begin with a tease

You can never go wrong with a teaser. This is the oldest trick in the book of seduction. Since we are choosing subtle means then you don’t want to be too much.

It can be as simple as wearing lacy lingerie with nothing underneath or crotchless panties and try dirty dancing in front of your partner. You can play with edibles, lick chocolate from your finger, run your tongue on a banana while maintaining eye contact.

You can make slurp sounds as you go and watch how your partner reacts to it. The trick is to tease for as long as you want, keep sex out of the picture until you are ready.


2. Switch up your look

In a recent survey we carried out, 65% of couples in long term relationships say that they rarely dress up for their partners and find lingerie too direct.

Most couples in long term relationships are so comfortable with their looks and see dressing up as a luxury. We understand that sometimes dealing with daily life stress can throw us off balance.and make us feel so overwhelmed that the thought of seduction comes off as a chore.

If this feels like you, switch up your look by investing in your stay at home outfits. Swap your comfy t shirts for more feminine casual stay at home outfits like PJ shorts, playsuits or a cotton shirt that highlights your best features without compromising on comfort. Switch up your look and watch how things unfold.

3. Use your words and voice

There is nothing as seductive as asking for what you want from your partner. Tell them what you want in a teasing way, use a low tone and whisper if you have to. Using a low tone will make them lean closer to you, thus creating intimacy through proximity.

In this position you can comfortably say what you want. Now that you have gotten their attention.

subtle seduction

4. Touch

Touch is the one of the most underrated but effective form of communication. Using touch to seduce doesn’t mean you have to grab them on their butt or hold their balls when you see them. Remember that you are trying to be subtle, not obvious.

Hold his knees, play with his beards, run your hands on his chest as you walk past them. You can wink as you pass or do nothing at all. Make sure they get the message.  


5. Dress for it

Whether you plan on seducing in the bedroom or boardroom, dress for it. Wear clothes that accentuate your features and make you feel more confident. It can be as simple as wearing waist trainers that shape your frame under your clothes as you step out. Or state your intentions clearly with lingerie in the comfort of your bedroom.

seduction tips

6. Your fragrance

Have you ever inhaled a particular fragrance and immediately got reminded of a particular person. That’s the power of your scent. Leave your fragrance around places in the house you know your partner is always sure to visit. You can add a short note or leave an imprint of your lip using a favorite lipstick.

If your partner is away at work, you can sneak in pieces of your fragrance in places they are sure to visit. You can squeeze a note with your fragrance into their lunch bag, wallet or pockets.

7. Eye contact

There are so many things you can say with your eyes. If you are sitting across a table, use your body language, smile, be present and maintain eye contact for a few seconds before you look away. Include physical touch slightly every now and then without losing track of the conversation. Remember that the aim is to be subtle.

Which of these tips would you like to try out? Visit to browse through our products to help give your sex life a boost.

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