When we talk about places for sex or sex spots in the house, 80% of people feel that the bedroom is the ideal place for sex. Now, I don’t mean that sex in the bedroom is not pleasurable but sticking to one position over and over can be boring.

Confused? Most couples with children feel like they have to restrict their sex life to the bedroom probably because it’s the only door with a lock. But, there are other hot places in the house where you should consider having sex in other than the bedroom;

Places to add to your sex spots in the house

  1. Bathroom

80% of people affirm that they have had sex at one time or the other in the bathroom, making the bathroom one of the hottest sex spots. A higher number affirmed that they had sex in the shower and others in the bath tub. .One way to enjoy sex in the bedroom is through the bath, have her lie on her back stimulate her clits as she sits with her back to you. You can also go down on her in the shower and give her a mind blowing oral sex, you can introduce sex toys while you are at it also.. Check out the guidelines to shower sex. Try the lotus and doggy sex position. The bathroom is a good place to introduce sex toys, Use water proof sex toys like the Tracy’s Dog.

Mutual masturbation

2. The kitchen

If you are a hygiene freak you may not find this sexy. The kitchen counter is a great way to surprise your partner with an oral sex. Have them sit in that position and spread their legs wide while you kneel and eat them. The kitchen counter can also serve as a prop for the butterfly sex position.

3. Chair

Stop ignoring that chair, this is the most useful prop for all sex spots. The chair is a favourite make out spot and can support various sex positions like the sitting cowgirl, reverse cow girl and woman on top. On the chair you can easily stimulate her breasts, pull her hair and touch her back.

If you want to stand the chair serves as support for the standing doggy style where you bend her over without bending her knees and she can hold on to the chair for support. The plus side of the chair is that if someone walks in on you, can always pretend like you were only sitting on each other. Make sure you are wearing a lingerie gown to support that claim.

4. The living room

79% of people admitted to enjoy having sex in the living room and their most favorite spot being the sofa. The sofa is an amazing sex spot for experimenting different sex  styles and great for oral sex lovers.

5. The Staircase

One advantage the staircase has is that it works both as a prop and platform. You can use the railings as a form of support for doggy or any standing sex position. You will look at your stairs different after this.

6. Dining room

You can either eat in the dining room or get eaten. The dining table is a place you should start maximizing for sex. Begin with oral sex; add toys to spice it up then move to the missionary position and finish up with the cowgirl position.


7. The guest room

There is a thrill that comes from having sex in a room different from your usual room in the room. Try sneaking around in the guest room, you can change the sheets or just explore with the floor. The floor is an amazing place for sex.

Try banning the bedroom for a while and experiment in other places at home. SHOP Mahogany for your love toys, intimates and organics.

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