If there was a topic people shy away from the most, it would be the issue of their sexuality. Most people are quick to assume they are completely straight even when a part of them may be flexible. For starters, being bi-curious is entirely different from being bisexual.
Bi-curiousity is when a person who is heterosexual considers taking part in sexual activity involving a person of the same sex. A bi-curious person is different from a bisexual person, a bisexual will have had sexual experiences with persons of the same sex and is attracted to both sex. A bi-curious person just finds sexual interest in a person of the same sex. It’s completely normal to question your sexuality as you grow older and if you do, here are some signs that may provide some answers;

1. You imagine what it’s like having sex with the same sex
It’s completely normal to imagine what sex would feel like if you had a dick. But, when you begin to think about having sex always with a person of the same sex, then I suggest your ‘straightness’ may begin to get crooked.
2. You are crushing hard on a person of the same sex
This may seem normal with the endless MCM and WCW on social media. But, the crush in this situation is not a celebrity you know nothing about but a person you know. Sometimes, saying you have a crush on the same sex may be harmless, but if the crush extends into affection and butterflies, then you may want to consider your sexuality.
3. You get turned on by same sex erotica or porn
I and so many people I know fall under this category. Most of the girls I know who prefer lesbian porn to normal porn are bi-curious or bisexual. If you and your partner watch porn together and you get turned on by same sex pornography especially if you imagine yourself as one of the persons there, then your subconscious may be trying to whisper something to you.
4. You enjoy seeing a person of the same sex nude
When I was in school as a fresher in the hostel, having a bath was a special kind of competition, because we weighed each others bodies, not in complete admiration but because we are women, we are made to be that way. But, if you love seeing a woman nude and you just can’t take your eyes off her breasts and ass especially when it seems to have a sexual impact on you, then you may need to question your sexuality.
5. You know what you like most about a person of the same sex
When you ask a girl what she finds attractive in a guy, she can probably reel off a mini dictionary in 30 seconds, this is normal if she is heterosexual. But, if you find yourself pointing out things to yourself about what you find attractive in a person of the same sex and you can list them out without much thought then you may want to consider being with a person of the same sex.
6. You have had a little sexual encounter and you liked it.
This may seem like the most obvious. One of my girlfriends knew she was bi-curious the first time she kissed a girl, she liked the feeling and since then, she has been exploring her sexuality. If you kissed a girl/boy and you enjoyed it and look forward to it happening again probably with extra toppings involved, then baby girl you may be on your way to sexual exploration.
7. You fidget when you meet an attractive person of the same sex
You know how clumsy a straight guy can be when he meets an attractive woman, the jitters and awkward stares he gives especially when he is lost in admiration. When you meet a new girl/guy and you get nervous or unnecessarily shy because you feel a growing attraction then it’s time to question your sexuality.

Being bi-curious should not be mistaken with bisexuality, most bi-curious people just want to sexually explore persons of the same sex without giving any thought of a relationship. Whatever you decide to be in terms of your sexuality is a matter of choice. Enjoy your womanhood and make the most of it.

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Lara is an erotic writer and modern day sex and relationship educator. Sensual, multifaceted and a reincarnated soul is how she describes herself. When she is not relieving her imaginations or taking vain selfies, she is on Instagram at Larasensations teaching how to own your pleasure.

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