sex life may be suffering

7 Signs your sex life may be SUFFERING.

Whether you are in a relationship, marriage, having a fling or just going with the flow, you must have figured out that sex can make the good relationships feel even better. Most times it’s easy to know when the sex is good. It’s hard not to know what toe curling, body vibrating and tingly body felt pleasure feels like. But, how do you know when your sex life is going from satisfactory to manageable or leaning towards being bad. How do you know your sex life may be suffering.

It is common for partners in a relationship to still be crazy about each other while one or both partners are bad in bed, but it shouldn’t be an issue if they are finding other ways to work on themselves. Some of the things that cause sexual dissatisfaction are easy to fix if the couples involved are ready to work on them. But, what do you know what to work on?

Here are 7 signs your sex life may be suffering and what to do about it.

1. Sex always ends when one person has an orgasm.

If your partner is selfish with their pleasure during sex then it’s the sign you have been waiting for. Don’t accept this especially if you have been in the past. Sex should not end just because your partner is satisfied. Sex should end when both partners are satisfied. If you always have to sacrifice your pleasure for theirs, then your sex life may be suffering.

Women take a longer time before they reach orgasm and to find a balance, couples should dedicate more time to foreplay. Find new ways to tease and satisfy your partner at the same time. Use toys to please and help her orgasm if you reach orgasm before her.

2. One person is always initiating sex

When the responsibility of initiating sex lies on one person all the time, it can cause dissatisfaction in their sex lives. The partner always initiating sex may begin to feel undesired and ultimately lead to feelings of resentment.

If your partner is always initiating sex and you are always at the receiving end, try to find a balance.

3. Intimacy is not part of the sex

You don’t engage in any form of intimacy before or after sex. Your partner finds it reluctant to cuddle or kiss you after sex. In fact you feel more alone after sex because there is no form of communication or physical touch after. It feels like they are a different person to you during the sex and after.

4. Your pleasure is secondary

Your partner doesn’t even know your hot zone or how to touch your clitoris. They are too focused on themselves during sex. They are not ready to please you but they don’t mind asking you for sexual favors they are always reluctant to return.

If you see these signs, please flee. Invest in your pleasure, get a love toy you can use during sex to get optimum pleasure.


5. You have never talked about what you want

You find it difficult talking about your want with your partner and you are not getting it. No one can read minds. Moreover your partner’s bedroom technique may just be based on their previous partner. Because they have no idea what you like. So rather than criticizing your partner, why not tell them what you hate or like.

6. Your sex life has become a routine

It is common for humans to stick to doing things in a particular way if it has worked for them in the past. But, repeating the same behaviours in a predictable manner can ruin pleasure for you. It takes the fun out of whatever activity. There is always an increase in dopamine levels when the results are unpredictable. So stop leaning on a particular method and explore different options.

7. They make you feel ashamed of your body

If they make condescending remarks about your body. Or are quick to remind you of your insecurities during sex with them then you should take a pass. This can affect your sex life in the bedroom and most times leave you feeling unsatisfied

If these signs sound familiar to you then your sex life may be suffering. Communicate with your partner, experiment with different sex products and see a sex therapist.

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