A Good Ex ..

I just can't change.. I'm a sucker for this ex of mine. He's cute..infact smoking hot. He and I are like buddies now but sex is a stronghold. Sometimes when I see him though,I just drink in his sexiness only without getting nasty or any juicy stuff like that. But then there are other times when I just want to eat him up and cum while my intenstines digest him. Gory right? Lol. Its what he does to me. My sexual intincts go Clifford Orji on me. But this is not the story now,is it?

Right now I'm stoned..sitting around a round,plastic table with him and his friends…smoking and all. Like half an hour ago or so,we just finshed humping in his apartment while his friend pretended to be deaf..lol. I know what you're thinking. We jsut couldn't wait for him to leave the room and he didn't mind listening to our muffled fuck sounds. Fucking him is always like tasting a new dish with old friends waiting on ur reaction. Point is I like to fuck him.

Truth is,sex with him comes with bonuses. One major bonus is the way he gives head. His tongue is wondeerful and so light and flinting that sometimes I'm not too sure if I'm get head or just turned my coochie to a fan. The way he breathes on it,kiss my mound,flicks my clit with his wet,anxious tongue,even the look on his face when he's staring at it..about to dive in,makes me want to have sex with him all over again.

And the way he adores my boobs.. Molding them with is hands, cupping them, pinching them every chance he gets,slapping them when no one is looking and the way he keeps patting them to remind himeslf of their prescence and softness. He's an absolute joy around the clock. And I'm a sucker for guys like him.

Don't be surprised if there are no typos in this. I'm almost a ppro at this 🙂 Plus,I can't tell u half of what I like about him here for fear of sounding like a puppy.

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  • A-9ja-Great
    Posted at 15:55h, 03 August Reply

    The ex that you won't just let go.

  • DiDi
    Posted at 09:05h, 05 August Reply

    The story of millions,if not billions..

  • ressurecta
    Posted at 11:57h, 11 September Reply

    Keep making tweeps jealous o! Lol.. Nyc piece tho!

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