A sexnniversary DATE TO REMEMBER

The rains had started by 3pm without warning and by 7pm we were not sure it would stop. The weather was freezing and quiet and most persons had already retired for the night.  Not me. I pace around the room, arranging everything in my path that seemed out of place and checking my phone every 20 seconds while doing so. I didn’t want to believe he wouldn’t come and not bother calling me either. The last time we spoke he was in traffic.

It was our sexnniversary. I and Biodun loved celebrating everything about our relationships and one I always looked forward to was the first time we had sex. And every year we tried to make the experience better than the previous year. Last year when we just discovered BDSM he tied me down on the bed using bed restraints, laced my body with iced blocks and ate me out after licking tom tom. Thinking about it makes me feel so wet and eager for his touch.

The creak from the gate alerts me of his presence and I lay back listening to the sound of his shoes as he makes his way up to the stairs and his key inserted into the door knob. His perfume hits my nose as I lie in bed waiting for his soft touch pretending to be asleep.


“Happy sexnniversary baby” the fragrance from his soap alerts me of his presence. And his cold hand pulling the duvet cover plus the feel of his skin against mine fills me with goosebumps

“I thought you were not going to come anymore” I say snuggling myself deeper into his hands as he draws imaginary lines on my nipples while we talk

“And miss the chance to beat a previous record? No way baby your sexnnniversary wish will be granted but you know the deal”

“Yes I do”

I’ve never depended on my other senses as much as I did today. It’s our sexnniversary and Biodun has me blindfolded, naked and sitting at the edge of the bed anticipating. The scent o Oud Hermes wafts in my nose married with the shadow from the candle flame that movesa around my face heightens my other senses alerting me of his presence.  

I breathe him in before I feel his hands on my jaw being lifted. Biodun has always been a careful lover and in a reverential form plants soft kisses from my jaw, to my cheek, like an invisible map to my forehead, nose, eyes and back to my lips before swallowing my lips in his. My hands tracing the lines on his body and beholding his beauty through my hands.

He takes my hands and places it between his legs and I shudder at the size as I feel his manhood. My boyfriend was definitely more than 2 inches bigger and fuller.

sexnniversary day

“A new dick, just as you requested. Do you like the size baby?” he asks me as I run my hands over it, feeling the spikes on his new dick.

My sexnniversary wish was to have sex with another dick and which Biodun obliged to, on the condition that I would be blindfolded.

“I love it baby”

“I want you on your feet bent over”

I act as commanded and I feel his tongue lost inside of me, and his fingers rubbing my clits as he tongue fucks me. I am overly excited and waiting for him to begin with me. He brings his hand and places it under my nostrils and I inhale the fragrance of berry from our flavoured lube. Bent over in that position, he arch my back lower and fills me with his ember. I could swear that this dick inside me was 7 inches or more plus the spikes grazing inside of me was enough to drive me nuts.

He brings out my clitoral wand and stimulates me thrusting deeper as he moves. I cannot contain my pleasure anymore, I’m almost at my peak but he isn’t stopping. Biodun has never gone this far with me without stopping.

I dig my fingers into his back pulling him deeper into me so he doesn’t stop. It’s a battle of my pleasure points because my clit and G spot are screaming at the same time. Who is going to answer first?

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