A short poem to brighten your day: The Woman

“without her, the man couldn’t fully realize His humanity”

The joy and peace she brings as she strokes her man’s hair while he lays asleep on her soft velvety thighs

The feeling of completeness envelops him as she joins her lips to his, calming his storms

The love in her eyes as she holds her new born in her arms…


she bends and adjusts the wrapper to cover the baby on her back

shielding him from the harsh rays of the sun as she places her wares on her head…


she leans in and kisses his forehead as she drops him off at school

“i love you” she says just as he runs off with his friends…without replying

she stalls, watching him walk into his classroom

sure that he’s safe, she walks away


“Love him completely, he’s all i have” she whispers into her ears

looking her over, she realizes that indeed she isn’t good enough for her son

but will anyone be?


on her death bed she holds him close to her chest

he rests on the frail lifeless breasts and wept

“Be happy my child” she said as she drifted away


The woman…she lived a life of peace, simplicity

in love and servitude for her beloved she existed

her grace, her strength which lie in her weakness

in her vulnerability

in her love and compassion for others

she is the object of a miracle

she in turn is a miracle


She realizes that she is above every gender battle, every social tug of war

she is superior

she knows she was created for man

but she is so much more


With Her God, she comes into complete self-realization

she becomes addictive…like cocaine, they can’t have enough

She wields too much power at this point

But her humility is even more endearing than her knowledge

she becomes craved, needed, wanted

They can’t explain what they feel

But she at peace because she knows

that at this point; spiritually, mentally,physically and Emotionally,

she is a woman.


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