Sandra pressed her lips together and gazed intently at the screen of phone, focusing her image at nothing in particular. She tried to control the tension and excitement that was building within her. She was at Lola; her friend’s birthday party, the party where she was with Tunde who she could not hide her sexual desires from.
Tunde was not a complete stranger, they had chatted a couple of times on IG and Facebook, flirting and teasing each other on social media. She had been surprised to see him at her friend’s party, turned out he was Lola’s cousin. Being with him in the same room made her feel awkward and she almost cringed when she saw him walking majestically towards her, her mind immediately started replaying all the dirty conversation they had in the past and she imagined what it would feel like to be taken by him in the room.
‘Hello, you look like I could lend you some fun, you look bored and tensed, maybe I could lend you two things’ he said when he walked up to her.
‘It depends on what you are offering Mr. Tunde’ she said and gave him a sly grin. This was getting awkward, she and Tunde had never talked in person before so it felt strange addressing him.
‘I feel kind of special that a pretty lady like you would know my name, I guess this promises to be a good night’ he replied with a wink. Sandra felt herself shrink at once, she had told this nigga the nastiest things on IG and here he was acting like he didn’t know her, she didn’t look any different from her IG pictures or the pictures she sent him whenever they were chatting.
‘Sandra is the name, you look like a Tunde I know, the resemblance is uncanny’
‘It doesn’t matter; we can still have a conversation’ he said offering her a sexy wink.
Sandra could not contain her excitement with the guy sitting by her side and she found herself getting aroused by the minute and he would be dumb not to have felt it too. He talked like Tunde and knew things only Tunde knew, maybe she would play along. The party had become too noisy and she decided to sit at the balcony with Tunde while she cleared her head. Immediately, they got in, he dragged her closer to himself and kissed her, capturing her mouth in his and controlling her with his tongue. She kissed him back immediately hungrily with her breath quickening against the movement of his tongue in her mouth.
He tasted like vanilla and scotch; emotion and passion. He moved his tongue to her neck and kissed it softly at the same time tracing her spine region softly with his expert fingers watching her melt like a puddle into his arms. He trailed her neck with kisses down to her cleavage and expertly undid the hook of her bra, sliding it out of the blouse she wore and watching it drop to the floor noiselessly. He dragged her over to the banister, raised up her blouse and kissed her underneath her breasts, leaving electric circular trails with his tongue underneath before swallowing her breasts fully into his mouth, he danced around her nipples with one hand and caressed her other breast with his finger beating her nipples softly to make them erect, sucking and interchanging the breasts at will. Her breathing was getting harder and hungrier, she wanted all of him at once but he seemed like he was in no hurry.
He continued kissing her from her breasts, leaving few bites that sparked moans from her down to her belly button. Tunde kissed her lips but hungrily this time, sliding her pants and putting his fingers in her dripping expectant pussy. She released an animalistic side and welcomed his fingers, tightening her walls, while he explored her pussy with his fingers, sliding in and out. Raising her legs and allowing her gain control with a chair, Tunde knelt and cupped her clits in his lips, dancing around with his tongue and rubbed his fingers gently over it and moving at the pace of her emotions expressed. In the heat of her emotions he slid three fingers at once watching her scream out passionately. He danced around her wetness and was amazed at how accommodating her pussy was. It felt almost magical having her juice flowing out of her pussy with each thrust of his fingers and caressing of his clit.
‘Hey, I heard a noise in here, are you alright?’ Lola’s voice rung from the entrance to the shocked strangers in the darkness of the balcony.

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