Listening to the voice of Adekunle Gold on a bad day can work wonders, make you gush about a non-existent boyfriend or call up your ex, and on a good day, it uplifts your spirit. Born Omoba Adekunle Kososko is a Nigerian urban highlife singer, songwriter, painter and graphics designer.

The urban highlife singer as he refers to his genre of music, took the music industry by storm after the release of his single ‘SADE’ and has not stopped impressing us ever since. Perhaps, the unique thing about Adekunle’s style of music is the embedded African roots which lies in his use of instruments and his soul rendering voice that makes it acceptable.

Tall, handsome, sexy, with a blend of overflowing melanin and style, Adekunle Gold is the ladies’ man and it’s no wonder why. Last year on twitter he joined the advocacy for rape against Nigerian women and he continues to advocate for women on social media. Adekunle Gold is also a fashion icon, popular for his stylish Adire, tie and dye designs. Who else can make Ankara look so casual, sexy and sophisticated at the same time in whatever look he chooses.

I certainly enjoy the mystery surrounding his age and scandal free career.

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